APRIL 19th RECAP: UPSTATE (Literally) Rubs Down CHET WATKINS For The Win!

Wow.  It was a sensual night on the Inspirado stage.  Birthdays were approaching, road head was looming and rub downs…well, we’ll get to that.  Chet Watkins had some fierce trash talk about Upstate, NY, but Upstate Team Captain Dustin Drury kept it cool saying, “My Dad’s here tonight”.  Wow…Dad is going to see some flesh!  Let’s GO!

Chet Watkins was up first and chose the Indianapolis Challenge and received The Road.  Indianapolis is home to one of the first national highways build by the U.S. Government.   Chet Watkins set needed to build to a climax in which one character was giving another character road head.  The piece began with two parents driving with their kids sleeping in the back.  One would lean over the other and come dangerously close to the others crotch, and then the kids would wake up.  Damn kids!  The piece was filled with police cracking down on ‘skeeting’ and speeding,  strict parental rules and Crabs.  The end came to a wonderful climax that no one in the audience could have seen coming.

Upstate, in their third week on the Inspirado stage chose a Physical challenge and received Massage Me.  During this piece, they had to be massaging someone from the audience at all times.  Immediately they chose a cute girl to come and massage, but she was quickly tapped out by a member of Chet Watkins.  Upstate played a multi-character scene in a massage studio between a teacher and student.  Eventually as members of Chet Watkins tapped in and out, the massage methods got more intense.  One patient got an extreme wedgie, so extreme that his underwear ripped.  Another member of Chet Watkins was forced to smell the teacher and student’s “vaginas”.  And finally, a member of Chet Watkins came on stage in nothing but his boxers.  He got the full treatment, a leg massage, tickle torture and eventually a pile on (it’s a very exotic massage technique).  The audience loved the whole show; it was almost as if the entire audience was getting a massage, just in a different area, their bellies (I feel like there should be a cute emoticon here…I am fighting the uuuurge… 😉  Sorry)

Upstate does it again!  They will be returning next week to take on the powerhouse, Theory of Everything!  Will Upstate be able to feel their way through this show, or will Theory take their time dismantling the current Inspirado Champions?  You decide, Thursday at 11pm….IIINNNSSPIIIRRADDDDOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!


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