May 3rd RECAP: UPSTATE Fools Us All! Takes The Win!

An intense night on the Inspirado stage!  At the heart of it was great improv, The Cannes Film Festival and an incredibly real fake moustache.  Theory of Everything, team captain, Mark Grenier started by doing some timid trash talking, “f…f….f*ck you?”  Upstate team captain, Dustin Drury striked back by saying, “I really like your beard.”  BOOM!  Let’s go!

Theory took the stage first and chose a Nerdy challenge and received “Premier”.  They were filmmakers at a The Cannes Film Festival giving a talk back about the world premier of their first feature film.  The film that they were working on was about “racism” and showed “unmitigated reality”, and “it’s way better than the help”.  The 3 brothers explained the reasoning behind why their film was one shot, 3 days long, and why their first 6 executive producers died, because the film is “real”.  In the end, after they insulted just about every question from the audience, two brothers buried their difference hugged it out.  Now that’s some “unmitigated reality” right there!

In their fifth week on the Inspirado stage, Upstate chose a Dumb challenge and received “Trenchcoat”; every scene in their show needed to feature a kid on top of another kids shoulders, under a trenchcoat.  Andrew Yurman-Glaser asked someone in the audience, who was wearing a fake mustache, for their mustache and put it on.  He immediately became a tall unsteady underage boy-man, trying to buy alcohol.  “I’ll take a beer please!”  said the boy-man, standing in the door, “Yeah, you get it at the cooler,” said the clerk.  “Oh the cooler!  Two steps forward, and then three steps to the left!”  The piece was filled with a boy-man trying to have sex, trying to buy cigarettes and almost getting into a fight with a hispanic/french D.J.

In the end, Upstate stood tall on each other shoulders for their 5th Inspirado win!  Next week they face another two man duo, TRIKE!  Will Upstate be able to look inside themselves and defeat the almighty TRIKE?  Or will TRIKE stumble and fall to the current Inspirado champions?!  You decide, next week at 11pm…INSPIRADDDOOOO!!!!


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