Oh Shit!  The last time that was written on this blog…well you know the story.  Last night, for the first time in almost 8 months, it looked like it might just happen.  In their 6th week on the Inspirado stage, Upstate, the almighty duo took on one of toughest challengers in the land- Trike.  The duo’s clashed during trash talk, when Trike team captain Peter McNerney curtly said in an Irish accent “We mean to demolish this team, in whatever fashion necessary.  Oh and f*ck you”.  Upstate captain, Dustin Drury rebutted with “This is war…oh and F*ck your beard, hair and face”.  Let the GAME (of thrones) begin!

Trike took the stage first and chose a Nerdy Challenge and received Genius Bar.  They had to do their set in the break room of an Apple Genius Bar.  They opened with Gary, a real genius, talking to himself in the mirror, “Why are you even here?  You know you’re better than them!”  The piece was filled with eccentric nerds.  One of them, Teddy, was so smart his brain was too large for his skull.  He kept on having colorful hallucinations which eventually led to his death.  There was quick play, distinct characters and towards the end, a little bit of heart.

Upstate took the stage next and chose a Random challenge and received Playbook.  For their entire piece, one person needed to read a characters lines from a play, while the other person improvised around them.  Upstate chose, Agnes from Tracy Letts Bug.  The piece took place in a hotel bathroom.  Our main character, was very unhinged.  He pulled a gun out, had peanuts thrown at him and was very afraid of the hotel maid.  In the end the piece was a mutli-character romp that oddly ended up making perfect sense.

Upstate!  They will be returning next week against the indy team Pumpkin!  Has their luck run out?  Will Pumpkin end this fairytale run?  Or will Upstate continue to kick the door down on their way to the OH SHIT!! Challenge?  You decide.  11pm.  Thursday.  INSPIRADDDOOOO!!!!


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