UPPPSTTTATTTEEEEEEEEE!!!!! OH SHIT!  All 8 challenges and now, only one more stands in their way to becoming the official owners of The Dale North Memorial Chachkies.  OH SHIT!  Orange Augustus team captain, Nicholas Feitel had some serious beard trash talk, but Upstate’s Dustin Drury brushed it off with a knock to Feitel’s “imaginary” beard.  Here we go…

Orange Augustus was up first and chose a Stylistic challenge.  They received ‘Commencement’ and had to do a show in the style of a graduation ceremony.  First we saw the “class speaker” Frank, who told lame jokes, talked about his jobless future and got emotional.  The stage was juxtaposed by  proud divorced parents, in the audience, who had their own problems (including peep touching).  The piece ended with the class valedictorian doing a poetic reading of Vitamin C’s “Friends Forever”.  Perfect.

On their 8th week on the Inspirado stage, the hilarious duo, Upstate took the stage and chose their 2nd to last challenge, Individual.  Since Andrew Yurman-Glaser has done 2 solo shows during their run, it was now Dustin’s turn.  “Coma”.  Andrew had to be in a coma the entire piece and Dustin had to do a mono-scene in a hospital room with him.  What followed was a multi-character, bromance that was partly an homage to Breaking Bad.  Brian Cranston (Malcom in the Middle) showed up for a “Make-a-Wish” request, and performed a few scenes from Breaking Bad.  In the end the piece had slapstick, strong characters and one very important lesson, friends and Breaking Bad, are forever.

OH SHIT!  Upstate took the night and plans on an incredible return for the infamous OH SHIT! CHALLENGE.  Last time this challenge was picked, two men were married.  Next week they will take on the newly minted Megawatt team, The Party Lions!  Will The Party Lions make a dent in Upstate’s incredible armor?  Or will Upstate take the night just like they’ve done for the past 2 months?  You decide!  If you can get it!  11pm!  OH SHIT!  INNNSPPIRADDDOOOO!!!!!!!


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