How to get into the “Oh, Shit!” Challenge: A Viewer’s Guide

It’s finally here–Another “Oh Shit” challenge.  Fearsome duo Upstate has managed to scuttle such improv behemoths as Horses, Listen Weirs, Chet Watkins, Phooka, Theory of Everything, Trike, Pumpkin, and Orange Augustus.  Quite a list.

On this Thursday, they will take on foes The Party Lions, and of course, the formidable “Oh Shit” Challenge.  Only one “Oh Shit” Challenge has ever been selected before, by Brick on their way to becoming Inspirado champions, and that ended with Jamaal Sedayao and Kyle Levanick getting married–for real.  This challenge does not mess around.

So here now is a viewer’s guide to getting in to the sure-to-be-packed show on Thursday:

1) Watch an earlier show.  Inspirado is part of Magnet’s Thursday Night Out, where it’s pay-once-get-in-the-whole-night.  There are shows at 8, 9, and 10 before Inspirado.  Once you’re in, you’re in, so showing up earlier in the evening, grabbing that stamp, and kicking back with some rockin’ comedy is the surest fire way to get into the show.

There are no reservations for the later shows.  You can make reservations for the 8pm show here–get ’em!

2) Show up early.  Can’t make it earlier?  Have no fear.  The Box office will open for Inspirado at 10:30, at which point remaining seats/standby tickets will be given out.  The earlier, the better.

3) Don’t give up.  The Magnet House staff is beautiful and brave; they’ll fit everyone in they’re legally allowed to.  So show up when you can, cross your fingers, and enjoy the show.

Have a happy Oh, Shit, and a merry new year.


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