Oh Shit.


It was an evening of giving, receiving, and crazy bar tabs at the 2nd ever Oh, Shit Challenge.  In the end, it would be duo Upstate holding a huge bag of money being crowned Inspirado Champions.

The Party Lions did not make things easy for the feisty twosome.  They opened with some fierce trash talk, showing a short clip from the film ‘Twilight’ saying, “We wanted to show the audience something that would be better than your show.  Oh, snap.

The Party Lions went first, and they selected Stylisitic, recieving the challenge First Draft: Your piece is the first draft of a one-act play written by a freshman english major after getting drunk for the first timeThe Party Lions spun an absolutely gut busting piece of drunk post-adolescent theater, exploring themes like love, wandering, freshman angst, Fathers, and Jack Kerouac.  The characters of this play weren’t afraid to shout these themes out–“This is Symbolic of America!” shouted Brian Frange, hitting teammate Evan Barden with his car, who immediately rolled to a stop in crucifix position.  The piece ended with the playwright getting a drunken handjob from a roomie, and with the audience in stitches.

Then, Upstate took the stage, and with great anticipation selected the Oh, Shit challenge.  Their Oh, Shit challenge was called Money:  Before your piece is over, you must raise $1000 in cash, and you must decide to which single person in the audience you are going to give all of that money to.  Wow.

Upstate broke into a scene about a gangster landlord threatening them for cash, as audience members rained down coins, dollar bills, twenties, and ever ineligible credit cards and iPhone card swipers in an attempt to help Upstate meet their goal.  After realizing they were far, far short of their goal, Upstate began to ask of the crowd: what will you give us money to see us do?  After many suggestions and demands, the one that took hold of the crowd was one of love: A shirtless kiss between Dustin, Andrew, Chocolate and Mayonnaise.

A collection plate was sent around, Upstate met the goal and locked condiment-covered lips.  Having raised $1000, they sought out a person who they could entrust the money would be well spent; audience member/photographer extraordinaire Lisa Flanigan proposed that she take the money, open up a bar tab at Smithfields, and let the Inspirado audience have at it in a raucous post show celebration…

And so it was!  The votes were tallied, and Upstate were crowned the 2nd ever victors of Inspirado.

Join us next week as we celebrate our 1 year anniversary with an all-star extravaganza, featuring an appearance from THE Dale North, and the unveiling of the newest Inspirado Trophy.  Just don’t expect to be given a bunch of money. Or should you…?



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