NORTHCOAST with The Dale North Memorial Yoda Mask

In an incredible night of improv, rap and rap-improv, only one team was left standing…NORTHCOAST!  The show started with some musically infused trash talk from the streets.  Not only did Northcoast rap- they spat humble poetic smack talk.  The Megawatt sweethearts, The Party Lions, bit back with some trash of their own.  Establishing their home territory ,they asked the audience a series of questions, “How many people have even seen a Party Lions show? (Raucous Applause)…How many people have ever seen the Party Lions rescue a puppy from a well?! (Raucous Applause).”  Peter McNerney flipped a coin, and Party Lions chose to go second.   Here comes the music!

Northcoast took the stage first and chose an Individual Challenge.  They received Addiction.  Their challenge was to perform a monoscene in which every character has a different addiction.  Immediately performers began spinning an incredible web of musical improv.  There was the girl addicted to love, the guy addicted to eating humans and the girl addicted to dicks (just to name a few).  They explored human imperfections though lyrical battles and musical triumphs.  In the end, everyone gave into their addiction a little bit, only to learn that some addictions are grosser than others.

The Party Lions took the stage next!  They chose an Indianapolis challenge (the least picked Inspirado challenge) and received Indy 500.  Their challenge was to perform a scene in which every performer played a different race, and in the end, their would be only one “race” left.  Immediately  we were taken to a small dance with 8th graders from all over the world.  Their was a woman from Norway, a man from Jamaica, an Irish woman and others.  They slowly snuck away and one by one were killed off.  By the end of the piece, their were two people left.  And a moral victory had been had…by Norway!  Congrats Norwegians- you are the greatest race!

NORTHCOAST!  The winners of the night were the very first to officially hold The Dale North Memorial Yoda Head.  Next week they face the unstoppably adorable indy team Swagu!  Can they rap them out of the water?  Or will Swagu silence Northcoast’s music?  You decide…Thursday at 11pm.  INSPIRADOOO!!!!!


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