Did someone order a tall serving of Trash Talk?  Because it was all over last night’s INSPIRADO!  The Assembly’s Marcy Jarreau served up a heaping pile to Northcoast, “I just hope you’re as good as you were when I coached you last year”.  Northcoast retaliated with an improvised rap about green pants and Jarreau’s move to LA.  Fresh?  Oh yes.

The Assembly took the stage first and picked a Dumb challenge and received, “Big Momma’s House”.  They had to improvise Martin Lawrence’s “Big Momma’s House”.  The piece began with a cop losing his job but getting a new partner…Big Momma.  What followed was a drug bust in a bakery, a very large breastfeeding boy named “house” and a lot of cross-dressing jokes.  Big Momma, you did a great job defending your house, Martin Lawrence would be proud.

NORTHCOAST, in their third week on the Inspirado stage, chose a Physical challenge and received “Animal”.  Every scene needed to be between one human and one animal.  Immediately we were given colorful characters, an aloof 5 year old, a raw bear, and a grimy child molester .  Northcoast weaved these characters and relationships into entertaining and funny scenes. Have you ever heard an alaskan brown bear rap?  It happened.

Northcoast was crowned Inspirado Champions once again!  3 weeks in a row is quite an accomplishment.  Next week they face the Magnet Tour De Force, Hello Laser.  Will Northcoast rap a web around Laser or will Hello Laser say GOODBYE to Northcoast!?  You decide, next week at  11pm…. INSPIRADOOOOOOO!


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