July 12th Re-cap: NORTH COAST academically argues their way to the win!


It was another raucous night on the Inspirado stage as challengers Old Timey Radio Show brought the old timey heater to defending champsNorth Coast.  North Coastheld strong, however, and they walked away with their 5th consecutive victory.

Old Timey Radio Show went first, choosing the suddenly popular Indianapolis challenge and recieved Fire Dept: The Indianapolis Fire Department provides fire protection services for six townships in Marion County.  By the end of your show, you must somehow convince the audience to HATE firemen.  The Audience was whisked away to an old timey radio show set on Mars where evil firemen ruled the land with an iron first…setting fires everywhere and demeaning women left and right.  It was a tale worthy of the radio and worthy of the inspirado stage, and the audience was left in fits of laughter as well as fits of rage, for firemen.

North Coast took the stage and selected Nerdy and received Conference: Your show takes place at an Academic Conference.  North Coast unfolded a riotous academic conference full of speakers, debates, and a scooby-doo style search for keynote speaker Condolezza Rice (“Condolezza Rice…is my best friend!).

In the end, it would be North Coast holding the Dale North Memorial Improv Yoda Mask for the 5th time in a row.  Can they run the table and make their way to Oh Shit?  Will this be the first ever back-to-back oh shit?

Aquarius thinks not, as the Musical Megawatt darlings hit the stage next Thursday, where North Coast member Oscar Montoya will do battle with Aquarius Member Oscar Montoya.  Montoya vs. Montoya, only at…INSPIIIIIIRRRRRRAAAAADOOOOOOOOO


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