July 26th RECAP: AQUARIUS Lives On!


In their second week on the Inspirado stage last night, Aquarius made winning a habit!  The challenging team, That Annoying Couple, threw down some ‘cute’ trash talk, “I bet you don’t even know what love is”, Aquarius team captain Jon Bander retorted, “50% of marriages end in divorce”.  Love is a mean game.  LETS GO!

That Annoying Couple went first and chose a Dumb challenge and received “Flier”.  Their challenge was to perform a play based on a very dumb flier for a play.  They chose “Frued’s Final Analysis: A Look Into The Deep Dark Hole Of One Person’s Psyche!”  What followed was Frued analyzing a very “inhuman” human patient , we were taken into her deep dark world, that included Jamaican men, 50’s housewives and a lot of fighting.  It ended with a simple revelation,  “Frued’s Final Analysis” is extremely messed up.

Aquarius took the stage next and chose an Individual Challenge and received “Greenmile”, they had to perform the last 20 minutes of one person’s life.  What followed was an homage to the late Oscar Montoya, a beautiful soul that looked back primarily at his time on Aquarius.  All of the team- members paid tribute in their own ways.  Heartfelt and touching, and Oscar (and a neglected Julie), went away in delightfully sung peace.

Aquarius! The musical team celebrated their second victory with a picture and some high fives!  But will they be high fiving after next weeks show against long-time rival, The Friday Night Show?  Or will The Friday Night Show crumble to the all powerful Aquarius?  You decide.  Thursday at 11pm!  INSPPPIIRRADDDOOOOO!!!!




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