Aug. 2nd RECAP: Aquarius WINS Night Of Video Games and Dildos!


And right when they thought they had a “Game Over”, Aquarius got another life.  The Musical Powerhouse’s team captain Jon Bander had some serious trash talk against the Friday Night Sh*w’s Maggie Morris.  “You know, thank goodness I coached you all those years or else you wouldn’t be here today”.  YOWZA!  Here we goooooo!

Friday Night Sh*w went first and chose a Dumb challenge and recieved, “The Dildo Challenge”.  During their show they had to have a dildo (provided) in every scene, but it could never be used as a dildo.  It started as a microphone, transformed into lipstick, became a pet and was even used in a sex ed class as a model vagina.  A highlight of the set was a robbery that took place, where the “gun” was placed in peoples faces, butts and mouths…so dumb.  The set ended with the dildo doing what it does best, entertaining!

In their third week on the Inspirado stage, Aquarius chose a nerdy challenge and received “Mushroom Kingdom”.  Their entire set needed to exist in the Mario Bros. Universe.  Aquarius soared; we were given scenes with Mario and Toadstool, Princess and Wa-luigi and a very sentimental number between Birdo and Yoshi.  The finale was a power ballet devoted to Princess “taking this fucking game over”.  Beautiful and strong, just like a princess should be.

AQUARIUS!  The Musical Mario Party-er’s celebrated fiercely!  But will they be able to move past next week’s level?  Human Pyramid, the fierce all women, all the time improv group is coming to town… What’s going to happen?  Whose going to win?  Does Aquarius have any more lives left?  You decide.  Thursday at 10pm.  INSPIRADDOOO!!!!


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