WHAT A NIGHT!  CBS couldn’t have done a better job!  Aquarius, in their 4th week on the Inspirado stage was fired up, but their opponent, Human Pyramid, did a better job of containing their cool.  “I don’t believe in trash talk,” said team captain Rachel Werbel of Human Pyramid.  Jon Bander, captain of Aquarius, struck back with a semi-sexist comment that earned a boo from the audience.  Well done Bander…AND WE’RE OFF!

Human Pyramid started off by choosing a Physical challenge and received Tethered.  During their set, they had to be tethered, onstage and off, to the same player.  We had two duos and one trio.  What ensued was arm wrestling matches, lover quarrels, twin ghost hauntings and some seriously friendly co-workers.   It was a very active, fun and close show (get it).

Aquarius came next and chose an Artsy challenge.  They received Drunk,  their set had to be getting drunker and drunker in the audiences eyes.  They began with the positives of being sober.  We were given songs about sinful temptations, embarrassing moments and kissing dogs.  Eventually the show started skipping key plot moments.  All of the sudden characters were doubled, and things were slow then very fast.  Our focus was taken away from the show and placed on a “girl crossing her legs in the corner”.  Then the show just blacked out.  When we woke up we had a winner.

HUMAN PYRAMID!  The all lady improv team defeated the Musical Megawatt Stars in the closest Inspirado match of all time!  Ever!  Human Pyramid returns next week to take on the Indy superstars EagleFox.  Can the Indy superstars snatch up the new Inspirado champions?  Or will Human Pyramid block EagleFox from ever reaching the Dale North Memorial Yoda Mask?  You decide!  Thursday at 11pm! INSPIRADDOOOO!!!!


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