Aug 24th Re-cap: Eaglefox Confuddles The Wrath!

It was another absolutely superb night in the Inspirado ring.  Megawatt darlings The Wrath came in to give Eaglefox a run for their money.  Only one could walk away victorious, and in another extremely tight match, Eaglefox emerged victorious.

The Wrath kicked things off by selecting the “Dumb” category.  They received Mob: You are a Magnet House Team made up entirely of Italien MobstersThe Wrath transformed into an improv team made up of Mobsters and Mob Wives who had taken 6 weeks of a level 1 class but had “put in a good word” to get a show.  There were challenged walk ons, some fierce yes and-ing, and 900 fights.  The mobsters mastered the basics, however, and had the audience in fits.

Up next came returning champions Eaglefox.  They played dangerously and picked “Random”.  They’re challenge was called Gibberish: In each one of your scenes, there’s one character who’s speaking complete gibberish, but every other character understands it as perfect englishEaglefox rolled through a killer montage of scenes, showing us glimpses into the lives of familes, roommates, and even one unfortunate soul who had fallen into the video game The Sims–are stricken with gibberish.

The count was TIGHT but Eaglefox lived to see another day.  Next week they’ll take on Dynamic Duo Tigersharks (Dennis Zavolock and Brian Frange).  Who’ll win.  ONLY THE FUTURE KNOWS.  INSPIIIIRAAAAAAAAADOOOOOOOOOO


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