August 30th Re-cap: In Battle of Mutant Animals, EagleFox Keeps Crown!

It was another intensely close battle in what has been the tightest fought month in Inspirado History.  When the feathers and scales and fur and striped fur had cleared, though, it would be reigning champions Eaglefox claiming their third straight victory.

Challengers Tigersharks (Dennis Zavolock and Brian Frange) went first and selected a Physical challenge.  They recieved Bat: Each scene in your show begins with someone physically upside down.  After clarifying what ‘upside-down’ really truly means, Tigersharks were off!  They spun a tight web of characters in various states of turn over: a man being threatened off the side of a building, an interrogation, and a very kinky and anatomically impossible sex scene.  In one scene, Frange attempted a Mission-Impossible style break in, only to be thwarted by Zavolock’s blind guard.  People were shot, dropped, and loved, and the audience roared in agreement.

Then two-time reigning champs Eaglefox took the stage.  They selected Individual and they recieved the mildly anachronistic Herman’s Head:One of you will be the only visible character in the show.  Everyone else will be playing a different aspect of his personality all residing together in his head a la the early 90’s sitcom “Herman’s Head.”  Eaglefox member Peter Collins took the stage as a man sitting at home running out of milk, watching Mitt Romney’s nomination speech.  Through his inner voices, some crazy, some angry, some pleading for sanity, we discovered his lust and love for all things Romney, his odd sexual compulsions, and his ability to hide guns everywhere and to not make smart decisions.
The votes were cast and tallied in that precise order and Eaglefox was declared the champion in another tight match.  Does Eaglefox have the plum and gusto to go all the way?  Or will Indie vets Swartzlander come through and stomp on their dreams?  Find out next week at INSPIIIIIIIIRRRRRAAAAADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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