Sept. 6th RECAP: EAGLEFOX Pulls A Full Monty For The WIN!


It was a hot night on the Inspirado stage!  Swartzlander and EagleFox bared it all to bring the packed Inspirado house a show worth tweeting over.  That house got just that.  And a whole lot more….

Swartzlander took the stage first and chose a Random challenge and received “Word Generator”.  They were given a random word at the top of their scenes, the first had to start the scene and the second had to end the scene.  What followed were moments of fluff, beakers and CGI animals.  These scenes were perfectly crafted, nothing was forced, Swartzlander took their time in exploring each opening and closing word, I just wish I had a chance to see the high budget CGI Polar Bear Friendly Porno they were writing the whole show.

EagleFOX took the stage next.  In their 4th week on the Inspirado stage, they were focused, fired up and ready to rumble.  They chose the Indianapolis challenge and received Peyton.  Longtime Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning, left the Colts this year and signed with their rival team The Denver Broncos.  During their set, one member of their team needed to betray their teammate and then their team.  We were given an office scene filled with co-workers sending each other porn links such as Meatspin.  The power eventually went out, and one by one workers were disappearing to “fix” the problem and returning with no clothes.  One worker came back with nothing but a sock on.  It turned out in the end, they were all trying to sabotage the good message of the company they worked for, Highlights Magazine.

EAGLEFOX!  They did it!  BOOM!  The mutant animal survives one more week to see another challenge.  They’ll be returning next week to take on SAD KIDS.  Can they defend their title, will Sad Kids be the team that finally ends Eaglefox’s semi-nude run?!  You decide.  Thursday at 11pm.  INSPIRADOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


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