Sept. 20th RECAP: EAGLEFOX Makes It To Week 7!


And on they go, can anyone stop them…nobody knows!  Eagelfox took on the infamous Junior Varsity last night to a sold out crowd at Inspirado Studios.  How did the trash talk affect the show?  Did Eaglefox keep their clothes on the whole time?  Oooohhh, these questions will be answered!

Junior Varsity took the stage first and chose an individual challenge.  J.V. received “senses”, during their set J.V. was going to be without one sense, sight.  Their blind set began with all of the players trying to find the wall.  To start scenes, players would slowly  step out with their hands out (so as not to bump into each other) and make a clear vocal choice as to dictate who and what they were.  There were scenes about epic chess battles, shirtless step-dads and throwing very sharp darts.  At the end of the set, a very disoriented Junior Varsity received a well earned round of applause as their vision was restored.

Eaglefox took the stage next and chose a Dumb challenge and received “Pavlov’s Dong”.  Whenever they heard a sound clip of heavy breathing, two characters in a scene had to stop what they were doing to have sex.  Sex was had during a cat’s funeral, a veterans return home and during a Tom Brokaw newscast.  It was hot and on the spot, and EagleFox members DID not take their clothes off!  Weird, right?

EAGLEFOX!  The indy sweethearts won their 6th consecutive Inspirado, and can only make one think…Oh…Nevermind.  They return next week for their 7th week on the Inspirado stage, can they go all the way?  You decide.  11pm.  Sept. 26th.  INSPIRADDOOOOOO!!!!!!


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