Sept. 26th RECAP: EAGLEFOX Get’s Very Close! Could They Go To…OH SHIT???

So close. So small.

It was a politically physical night on the Inspirado stage.  The trash talk began with Listen Kid’s Irv Newberg showing revealing pictures of EagleFox’s Will Quinn at a scandalous massage parlor.  EagleFox retaliated with a framed photo of the Listen Kid gang with members of EagleFox…Ohhhh, memories.  HERE WE GO!

Listen Kid! took the stage first and chose a Stylistic challenge and received “Super PAC”.  Their set was sponsored by Restore Our Future 2012, a Mitt Romney fundraising organization.  It opened with an address from two Romney supporters, both keen on Obama’s faults.  They talked about liberal brainwashing, unemployment and gave us a sneak peek of Robin Williams playing President Eisenhower in ‘The Butler’.  Then we saw the GOP’s new TV pilot, “Family Values”, a show about one American family’s adventures through unemployment.  It deals with god, being gay and beating the crap out of ballet dancers.  In the end, we all learned that Mitt Romney is actually a robot.

EagleFox, in their 7th week on the Inspirado stage, chose a Physical challenge and received “Package”.  They had to perform a monoscene in which they are all trapped inside a very small box.


They were a family traveling to California in a giant present for “The Weinstein’s”.  The trip was a bit impromptu, they threw some food in a box, and got it.  Basic questions were answered, where was the bathroom?  In a corner of the box.  Was there any water? No.  And did one of the family members in the box have the highly contagious “box flu”?  Of course.  It was a gift for all of us, and when we opened it we saw…

EAGLEFOX!  The 7 time Inspirado champions will live to see another week!  Next week they’re off for the NYMIF Inspirado.  4 Magnet Musical House teams face-off in a winner takes all night.  The winning team will return in week 8 to face EagleFox.  Does EagleFox have it in them?  Can they make it to THE OH SHIT CHALLENGE?  You decide, next week and then the next week and then maybe the next week?  INSPIRADOOOOOO!!!!!


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