Ladies and Gentleman.  Announcing the 3rd EVER OH SHIT! Challenge.  After a heated night- rap trash talk, a horrible “Ledge-End” joke and a totally packed house, we have an OH SHIT! contestant.

Legend went first and chose the Dumb Challenge and received “Cats”.  They had to perform the musical Cats.  What followed were songs and scenes about secret cat love, cat nip and cats livin the hard life.  Forget Broadway, improv Cats is better!  Eaglefox took the stage next, and for their penultimate challenge they chose Style.  They received Relay Race.  Eaglefox needed to do a show in the style of a Relay Race, meaning they had to run 2.5 miles as a team during their set.  They were given the race course and one by one they ran out of the theater and around the block.  When each person completed their route they had to immediatly jump back into the scene.  One trip actually inspired  a stop at 7-11;  gummy worms, bananas and mini pizzas were purchased.  They finished the race at 19 minutes and 15 seconds, not bad for an improv show relay race.

OH SHIT!  EAGLEFOX has become the third team in Inspirado history to reach the OH SHTI!  Challenge.  In the past, OH SHIT! has  produced a legal gay marriage and it also raised $1000 in 30 minutes which was immediately given to an Inspirado audience member.  What will happen on October 18th?  Will you be there to see it?  In order to secure a seat, we recommend you get to THURSDAY NIGHT OUT (pay once and stay all night) as early as possible.  YOU CAN make a reservation for THE BOSS at 8pm, if you’re here and stay all night, you’re definitely going to get into the OH SHIT!

Here we go.  Oct. 18th at 11pm.  Eaglefox vs. Nintendo….OH SHIT!!!!  INSPIRADDDOOOOOOO!!!!!


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