OH SHIT! Thoughts From UPSTATE!

This week leading up to Inspirado’s 3rd OH SHIT! Challenge we decided to take a moment to check in with the latest OH SHIT! Winners, UPSTATE!  “I spent the week Upstate headed into the Oh Shit challenge telling AYG challenges I wouldn’t do.  Andrew and I just kept reassuring ourselves, let’s just do our thing and we’ll be fine.  In the actual challenge we both ended up eating gross stuff, kissing and did not really do our thing,” said Dustin Drury of Upstate.  Upstate raised $1000 in 30 minutes and gave it to a random audience member. “To be perfectly honest, once we got to the Oh Shit challenge, performance wise I felt like we had done our job.  We sort of knew the challenge would be bonkers and therefore didn’t need a “killer” improv show, so to speak.  But, it was definitely stressful, because there was this balance of wanting to win Inspirado and not wanting to compromise ourselves too much.  In the end, we made out together while shirtless…the perfect middle ground,” said Andrew Yurman-Glaser.

Upstate survived.  Will  EAGLEFOX?  You decide.  This Thursday at 11pm.  OH SHIT!!!


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