Oct. 18th RECAP: EAGLEFOX Makes OH SHIT! Masterpiece!

OH SHIT!  OHHHHH SHIIITTTTT!!!  It was a fierce night on the Inspirado stage, the third OH SHIT! Challenge was chosen and received by the current Inspirado champions EAGLEFOX!  Nin10do brought their A game.  Nin10do team captain, Matt Shafeak, began the trash talk by talking about Eaglefox’s sure demise during their final show.  EAGLEFOX rebutted with a birthday cake with candles, “make a wish” they said.  Shafeek closed his eyes, blew hard…and the candles came back.  TRICK CANDLES! OHHHHHHHH, no you didn’t!   Here we go.

Nin10do chose a Nerdy challenge and received Middle Earth, they had to perform a show in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ Universe.   We saw giant tree people, people looking for a ring and commercials for magical armor.  Golem made numerous appearances as Nin10do tried to answer the question, “how many names do you really have?”  There was also an epic battle for Middle Earth, it was a fight for the ages, Peter jackson would be proud.

EAGLEFOX took the stage next.  The men, dressed in suits and looking like the classiest gentleman in the world, stood like warriors, ready for their final challenge.  Eaglefox, chose the third ever OH SHIT! Challenge in a packed to the brim Magnet house.   For Eaglefox’s OH SHIT! Challenge they received “Masterpiece”.  During their show they had to recreate the Mona Lisa, using nothing but human hair.  They were given buzzers, spray glue and a canvas.  The show begin in a barber shop.  As customers came in, they got the buzzer.  The first customer got the top of his head shaved, the second got stripes shaved into his head.  Very quickly, it became a shave-fest.

Eyebrows, chests and backs were shaved.  There was a lot of hair.  The barber’s son meanwhile, was drawing a picture  during the top of the set.  As hair was being shaved, each piece was going into the Mona Lisa masterpiece.  By the end of their set, they were all bald.  The picture had been finished, and when they raised it up to the audience, everyone thought, “that really does look like Mona Lisa!”  OH SHIT!

EAGLEFOX!  The 3rd team in Inspirado history to ever make it to the OH SHIT! Challenge has survived.  They took The Dale North Memorial Yoda Mask with them on their celebrations!  A new home for Dale’s Yoda Mask, he would have been proud…if he were still living. In New York.  Wow.  Now what?  The show must go on.  Next week, Nin10do returns to take on the Megawatt superstars HORSES!  What will they be competing for?  Will someone’s head be shaved?  Will Joe Lepore still have an office job by then?  You decide.  Thursday at 11pm.  INSPIRADOOOOO!!!!!


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