Nov. 15th RECAP: FEATHERWEIGHT Takes The Night!!

It was an energetic night on the Inspirado stage, one with little trash talk, pushups and holiday cheer.  Wando, the previous Inspirado champions, decided to go first, Featherweight jumped up and took the stage!

Featherweight chose a stylistic challenge and received Cheer.  They needed to do a challenge in the style of a holiday special.  We were given a PBS style holiday special, with a telethon attached to raise money for needy families.  The holiday special was about a poor father and his young legless daughter who were homeless on christmas eve.  Everyone in the town didn’t want anything to do with the poor family, they were destined to freeze to death on christmas eve.  The special was filled with all sorts of red flags for the network, a very detailed human birth, a caucasian chalk circle style fight for the “christmas baby” and offensive Christmas stand up.  Twas a night for all to remember, and be thankful for what we have.

Wando took the stage next and chose a dumb challenge, they received teleprompter and had to perform a monoscene  of a newscast where the teleprompter was broken.  Two newscasters struggled to find their lines during a broadcast.  Panic ensued and their producer Carl, “the most disgusting person in the world”, didn’t help either.  Cheryl, the co-anchor, was so depressed that she said she’d take Carl back if he did 50 push ups, he did, and her world was turned upside down.  Wando painted and filled out the world wonderfully.  Jumping back and forth, changing characters multiple times, it was a newscast that was definitely more informative then the regular news.

FEATHERWEIGHT!  The 0-2 Inspirado team has updated their record to 1-2!  Now they have a bi-week for Thanksgiving and then they’re back to take on Weekend of Regret!  Can Featherweight continue this winning streak?  Or will Weekend of Regret sweep them away?  You decide, Nov. 29th at 11pm!  INSPIRADOOOOO!!!!!!


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