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The Dale North Memorial Improv Cross Country Ski’s have never seen a closer night.  Weekend of Regret and Featherweight will go down in Inspirado history books as a night full of trash talk, great challenges and hilarity.  Let’s begin.

Weekend of Regret took the stage first and chose a Dumb challenge.  They received ‘Denial’ and had to flat out deny the first thing said in every scene.  What followed was an improv set that broke every rule in the book.  Forget ‘Yes, and’- these guys were constantly saying no to everything.  The very first scene, two hunters sat in a field- Nick Jaramillo, Weekend of Regrets Team Captain, swam through the scene.  It was a brilliant use of the challenge and displayed strong connections and team work from “Regret”.  Well done.

Featherweight, the reigning Inspirado champions, took the stage next.  For their second week on the Inspirado stage they chose a Random challenge and received “Show & Tell”.  During their set they needed to perform ‘show & tell’ using real objects.  Immediately we were taken into a classroom where a teacher was introducing show & tell presenters to her students.  Each presenter was a parent of one of the kids in the class and it quickly became clear that the parents did not like each other.  As the teacher tried to gain control of her class, students began speaking and parents began fighting.  The session ended with a little girl having a spasm on the stage while the teacher cried in the corner.  That’s some good show & tell.

WEEKEND OF REGRET!  The NEW Inspirado champions will return in January to compete in their second week!  But for now- they break as we prepare for DE-SPIRADO!!!!!!  December 6th, Owners vs. Level 1 Students takes the Magnet stage.  Last year the Level 1 students won- will they win again this year?  Then on Dec. 13th, the OH SHIT! winners have at each other- BRICK vs. UPSTATE vs. EAGLEFOX!  Find out who is the best Inspirado champion of all time!  It all happens thursdays at 11pm.  INSPIRADOOOOO!!!!!!


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