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Twas a cold night on the Inspirado stage, and challenging team ORANGE AUGUSTUS was not ready to freeze without a fight! After some very critical trash talk, both teams were ready to Heat Things Up…and that they did.

Orange Augustus took the stage first and chose the Artsy challenge and received Aloha.  Every scene of their show had to start with a goodbye and end with a hello.  Their scenes were about broken relationships, strong handshakes, aggressive French women and abusive cheaters.  They did a great job executing the challenge and finished the show not with a goodbye, no…instead they ended with a laugh (too corny?).

Weekend of Regret took the Inspirado stage next.  On their 5th week on the Inspirado stage they chose a Nerdy challenge and recieved Fantasy.  During their set, their only characters could be Unicorns, Fairies and Dragons.  We were given dragon meetings, fairy meetings and unicorn meetings- all about attacking each other.  Beastiality was a hot topic, is it wrong for a Dragon to mate with a human Princess?  And we had the pleasure of seeing human/dragons cope with their confusing physical problems.  Fantastical!

WEEKEND OF REGRET took the night!  Can they continue to dominate the Inspirado stage?  Will next weeks challengers, AQUARIUS, stop them in their tracks?  You decide.  Thursdays.  11pm.  INSPIRADOOOOOOOO!


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