WHOOOA!  It’s almost here!  Weekend of Regret took the Inspirado stage last night for their 7th week and faced off against Chet Watkins!  The trash talk was fierce.  A sweat pance-wearing Chris Camp brought a fervor to the trash talk that has been lacking for a long time.  Nick Jaramillo, of Weekend of Regret, shot back with, “I remember when my Mom first let me wear sweat pants outside of the house…it was freeing”.  Brilliant.  HERE WE GO!

Chet Watkins took the stage first and chose the Individual Challenge and received BARGAIN BIN.  Their set had to be a monoscene  that takes place in a DVD Bargain Bin.  We were given Blade, Mission Impossible and Jaws!  All of the DVDs wanted to be picked up, in the end, they all were purchased by two very lonely friends.  Beautiful.

Weekend Of Regret took the stage next and chose the Indianapolis Challenge.  They received LENEPY!  To honor the Lenepy Indians, the first to discover the land that is now Indianapolis, each line of dialogue had to have 3 seconds of silence in between it.  Each scene was grounded and patient.  We were given scenes about stalkers, towns taken over  by dogs and peyote smoking Indians.  It was a wonderful show, one that the Lenepy Indians would be proud of.

WEEKEND OF REGRET!  They will return next week (valentine’s Day) to face off against the power couple, MEGALOU!  Who will win? Valentine’s Day Inspiradooooooo! Who is more in love?  You Decide!  11pm!  BOOM!


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