April 4th PREVIEW: The Boss Steps Into The Arena…



Ladies and Gentlemen…THE BOSS.  Thursday, April 4th marks an incredible night in The Inspirado History books, it marks the night that THE BOSS will make their debut on The Inspirado Stage.  In the almost 2 years that Inspirado has around, we have never been able to procure the legendary improv team, this week, the Inspirado audience is in for a treat.  Known for their character work, patience and well weaved connections, The Boss has been playing at The Magnet for over 6 years.  This week, they face THE WRATH.

In their 6th year of improvising together, can The Boss take down The Wrath, who is in their 6th week on The Inspirado Stage?  You decide.  Thursday, April 4th at 11pm.  INSPIRADOOOOOOOOO!!!!


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