It was a night that will live in the Inspirado Hall of Fame for the rest of time.  North Coast. Oh Shit! Challenge. Live Album.  The road to the Oh Shit! Challenge is never an easy one, and North Coast had their bouts over the last 9 weeks, but last night, last night was magical.  The night started off with trash talk from Pepita and James Robilotta.  Verbal punches were dolled out slowly, but both captain’s stood their ground.  Robo decided to go second and Pepita took the stage!

Pepita (Elana Fishbein) selected “Physical” and received “Ailment”.  During Pepita’s show, each of her characters had to have a physical ailment of some sort.   Pepita shared true stories from her life and then used different characters to bring those stories to life. Arms were lost, wars were fought and in the end, we all felt closer to the wonderful Pepita.

OH SHIT! North Coast took the stage.  Robo selected the “Oh Shit! Challenge” and received “Debut”.  Their challenge was to record a live concert album.  Microphones were brought out, there was a sound check.  North Coast shwag (T-shirts, Hats) were thrown out to the audience, as well as glowsticks and beads.  Their album cover was provided.

Each track title was given to North Coast and was based on each Inspirado challenge.  What followed was pure Oh Shit! magic.  They killed songs like “The Entire Plot of Star Wars”, “Wiener Hate”, and “The Most Epic Outro Ever”.  Throughout the album recording, they were joined by audience members and Homeboy Sandman.  Balloons dropped from the ceiling for their last song and North Coast lifted The Dale North Memorial Ficus to glory.

Next week!  There will be an unveiling of a NEW Dale North Memorial Trophy, you’re not going to want to miss this.  See you next week at 11pm.  INSPIRADOOO!


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