SEPTEMBER 25TH RECAP: The Music Industry Wins in the battle of Long Scenes vs. Short!

The Music Industry took on The Ali Fisher Duo in a deadly grudge match of improvisational speed and fiery eye contact

The Trash talk was harsh, will Ali Fisher of the Ali Fisher Duo confessing to starring longingly at The Music Inustry’s near nude group photo, while former Ali Fisher roommate Kevin Cobbs returned Ali’s copy of Mein Kampf, exposing Ali as a horrible racist.  Oh Shit!

The Ali Fisher Duo went first and selected Physical.  Their Physical challenge was called Contact: You must make and maintain eye contact for your entire show.  TAFD regaled with a monoscene tale of former lovers, meeting up again at the bar where one worked.  Massive loving and hating eye contact ensued; other patrons were ignored, drinks were somehow poured, and dancing with spins were employed.  In the end, it turns out that a lot of arson in your past doesn’t mean you can’t stare lovingly into a mirror at someone.

Up next was The Music Industry, bidding member Charles Rogers Adieu in his final show before moving.  They selected Dumb and their challenge was called Short: No scene in your show can be longer than three lines.  TMI barreled through a barrage of short short scenes, some with no lines at all, some with long length speeches or awkward long pauses, and of course a man with balls on his head.  A scene with three different marching lines technically had many more than three actual lines, but they swept by on a technicality.  In the end, they set the improv world record for most sweep edits in a show.

The contest was tight, but in the end the audience voted The Music Industry victor for their 3rd week in a row.  They’ll return next week to face off against formidible veterens 20/400 (Jana Schmieding, Lauren Olsen, and Christian Paluck).  Who’ll win?  YOU DECIDE!  INSPIRAAAAADOOOOOOOOOOO


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