OCTOBER 2ND RE-CAP: The Music Industry picks apart wallet, 4Some!

It was a night of picking pockets and Liam Neeson on the Inspirado stage.  Two inspiring sets later, The Music Industry would roll on as victors for the 4th straight week.

The show started fierce with the trash talk.  Jana Schmieding accused TMI of being trashy trashy trash trash.  Kevin Cobbs said he would need to be paid $2400 to watch 4some in a foursome.  Snap!

4Some went first and selected Dumb.  Their challenge was LIAM NEESON – Your show tonight is Taken 3, starring Liam Neeson.  A daughter, kidnapped by a knee-sore bad guy.  But the mother (Liam Neeson) had a particular set of shopping skills.  And also saving people.  The adults were broken up, and broken.  Turns out the child didn’t need saving after all because she also possessed a particular set of skills.  Directed by Tyler Perry.

TMI selected Random: ID – Your show tonight is inspired by the contents of a random audience member’s wallet.  TMI proceeded to rip apart an audience members wallet, pocketing for themselves the ID, cash, and credit cards to be used in scenes with their friends, and a psychotherapist reading out loud his full routing and account number.

In the end, TMI prevailed in a tight match enjoyed by all.  Next week, they face Megawatt upstarts Metal Boy.  Will he become a Metal Man?  Only time will tell next week at Inspiradoooooooooooooooo.


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