Metal Boy

The Music Industry is half way to what would be the 6th Oh Shit! challenge in Inspirado History.  Only 4 more teams stand in their way.  Who could stop them?  It seems not men nor flesh can stand in their way.

Enter, Metal Boy.  The brand new Megawatt team is tearing up Wednesday night’s and they have plans to extend their reign to Thursdays.  Suli Beg, Nolan Constantino, Woody Fu, Chrissie Gruebel, Eli Itzkowitz, Pat May, Carly Monardo, and Sam Rogal are robots who have yet to hit puberty, and they mean business.  Before they head off to metal summer camp.

Do they enjoy Slayer, or are they made of Titanium?  Do they have what it takes to stop The Music Industry?  Find out this Thursday, 11pm, at Inspirrrrraaaaaaaddddddddoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


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