It was a night of electric energy at another fantastic Inspirado.  Both teams came to win, but only one was awarded the right to move on as champions.

The trash talk started with Pat May accusing TMI of “sucking” ever since they were in “their father’s pee” demonstrating a profound misunderstanding of child birth.  Kevin Cobbs proceeded to demonstrate that no one cares about Eli Itzkowitz’s twitter account.

Metal Boy went first and selected Nerdy: ConversationTech – Every scene in your show must take place using a progressively more high tech form of communication technology than the previous scene. Whew!  Pretty nerdy.  Beginning with letters and some crass carrier pigeon users, Metal Boy took the crowd on a whirlwind through time from typewriters, pony/lion express to holographic internet projections landing finally in the future where people need to vomit their words and stuff them into each others ears.

The Music Industry then took the stage to try to defend their crown, and selected Physical: U Lift Bro? – Every scene in your show takes place on a different machine on the gym.  Featuring a very long trip on a stationary bike, and a lot of folks entering into leg and arm competitions, more and more overshirts were shed and biceps exposed as the show progressed.

In the end,The Music Industry walked away in a tight match, winning their FIFTH Inspirado in a row.  Who will stop them!?!?!  Oh the Humanity!?!?!?


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