It was another amazing night at Inspirado, with two fantastic sets.  After the dust and impressions had settled, it was The Music Industry trotting away with their 6th victory!

The trash talk started fierce.  Doug Widick accused “Big baby man” Sebastian Conelli of harassing him over his tight pants, while Comic Kevin Cobbs, The Music Industry Captain complimented Widick and Demuth of co-opting hip hop while being white guys in ties.

Demuth and Widick went first and selected Artsy.  Their challenge was called Old Timey: Your show tonight is a black and white film.  Demuth and Widick spun a wild tale of fighting couples, plus two carnival barkers who could guess your weight (and also read your mind).  Also, two old talkin’ Juggalos in love, finished with a fantastic Sebastian Conelli impression.

The Music Industry selected Indianapolis.  Their challenge was called Colts: The Indiapolis Colts play in the National Football League.  IN your show tonight, every character is on a horse.  TMI showed us some old cowboys (who’ve bred with horses), some cabin campers (on horses) an episode of Jeopardy on Horses (and Horse Jeopardy), Even the show was introduced on a horse.

In the end, The Music Industry prevailed once again, winning their 6th straight week.  Two weeks away from an epic Oh Shit Challenge.  Next week, Kornfeld and Andrews step into the Inspirado ring to see if they can stop them.  Who will win?!  INSPIIIIIIIRAAAAAADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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