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Woah Nelly! October 30th was quite a night at Inspirado! But when it was all said and done The Music Industry pulled off a victory that won’t soon be forgotten.

The trash talk was fierce and unyielding. Louis Kornfeld dished out a nasty backhanded compliment by applauding the Music Industry for trying so hard to make people laugh. While Kevin Cobbs fired back by calling Kornfeld and Andrews the “NPR” of the Magnet theater.

With the tensions high and blood pumping Kornfeld and Andrews faced the Stylistic challenge of Hellhouse: Your improv show is not an improv show at all! But a Fundamentalist Christian Haunted House! Kornfeld and Andrews’ lovely christian couple went on a terribly terrifying tour of terror as they encountered such classic Christian criminals as Charles Darwin, Galileo, and a dirty hippie. Even with notes from Bill O’Rielly and a few stolen kisses the couple’s only escape was the murder of two rabbis who lurked at the end of the maze.

Then it was The Music Industry’s turn to take on Artsy: Your show is an episode of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1950’s horror anthology show Alfred Hitchcock Presents.The Music Industry performed the classic episode “Monstrosity” which of course featured a woman was who pregnant…WITH A BIRD BABY! The monstrosity that quickened in the womb of the woman was not the only evil that we discovered in the show. For we also saw a communist witch hunt, men eating cereal and then beating their wives (as was legal in the fifties), and of course that bird baby growing into Hillary Clinton and Pecking off the dicks of all the Bill Clinton clones.

But after all this madness The Music Industry still ran off to a close victory just as Alfred Hitchcock ran off to his hot steaming bowl of macaroni and cheese.

Now The Music Industry is only one win away from facing that formidable foe the Oh Shit Challenge. The only team that stands in their way is Bloomer! Does this reunited Megawatt team dare to dash TMI’s dreams of dating do? Or will The Music Industry continue their categorically capital charge to the championship? Find out next Thursday only at INSPIRRRRRRRRRRRADO!


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