The Music Industry has won 7 weeks in a row and appear unstoppable.  The only thing standing in their way now is reunited Megawatt darlings BLOOMER.

Bloomer, a powerhouse Megawatt team from the 1950’s (or so) features a stacked line up of improv stalwarts.  There’s a lot of Inspirado experience coming to the stage, including Andrew Vuillmier, Branson Reese, Will Quinn, Hannah Chase, Bianca Casusol, Alexis Lambright, Phil Wolff and Kevin Kiernan.  Holy smokes that’s a team!

Can the cuddly Bloomer take down the mighty Music Industry?  Will the Inspirado stage be able to support the weight of all the talent?  Will a random old man be a part of the show?  Find out Thursday at 11pm at Inspiiiiiiiiradoooooo!


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