Gather round guys and gals because TMI is moving on to the holiest of holies the OH SHIT! Challenge!

Last night they leaped their last hurdle by taking on Bloomer.

The trash talk was mighty as the devil himself represented Bloomer and tried to warn the crowd away from causing the “Most boring OH SHIT! Ever.” But Kevin Cobbs of The Music Industry would hear none of it and not only reminded the crowd of the brief one year run that Bloomer had on Megawatt but also described his ideal world in which Phil Wolf was at The Magnet a lot and Branson Reese went the way of the Buffalo.

After that it was onto the challenges. Bloomer selected the dumb challenge of How Fares Zach Braff? One character in your show just woke up from a coma they have been in since 2006. It was a raucously raging rollercoaster ride of roast beef sandwhiches and jet pack cops punching people’s jaws off. We followed poor young Marissa as she awoke from her coma to the strange and terrifying world of 2020! With iPhones, British cars, and father son sleep studies. Even when the poor lass tried to reconnect with her parents they could never believe it was not a rouse no matter how detailed her description was of the big birthmark on her buttocks.

Speaking of Buttocks! The Music Industry had no choice but to choose the challenge of Stylistic: You must perform the film Forrest Gump in complete gibberish. And off they ran! We saw the heartwarming tale of Forrest Gump as he defended Jenny from her numerous attackers, met at least one confused president, and watched his friend mail a letter. We all remember that great scene in Forrest Gump where that guy mails that letter. And Forrest ran on and on without a word of English spoken (except for the word AIDS which was spoken quite a bit). And it of course ended the way Forrest Gump always ends, with Tom Hanks getting an Oscar.

Now TMI takes on the tremendous towering task of the OH SHIT! Challenge! They will go up against musical Megawatt sensation Wonderland. Will Wonderland woo the will of the crowd and stop TMI from sensationally snatching success? Or will The Music Industry finish off their fabulous feat with a fantastic finish? Find out next week only at INSPIRRRRRRRRADDDOOOOOO!!!!



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