Well sing, sing a song, sing out loud, sing out strong, sing of good things not bad, sing of happy not sad. Because Musical Megawatt team Wonderland has vanquished their first foe!

The night started off with a bang as the first trash talk of 2015 was as fierce as a back alley cat. Neil Pohl went on a tirade for the ages about how much he disliked Tom Dunlap, this anger seemed to stem from an incident last year in which Tom told Neil he might help him move then did not fulfill the friendly contract. Tom fired back by trying to muster the best compliment he could for Teachout calling them “One of the Top eight Megawatt teams” which is a true yet scathing review.

Then the game was On!

Teachout went first and selected Dumb: Your set is a 19 minute interview with an audience member and then a one minute improv show! And Teachout jumped right in grabbing willing audience member Collin. Over the course of those 19 minutes we learned a great deal about Collin. he currently works for a website that sells homes that are too expensive for anyone to buy and he very recently shit his pants. On top of that he didn’t do any talking about a previous job that he is not legally allowed to talk about. And while Katie and Kelly were giving him the hot eyes it was revealed that he was in love with none other than a member of WONDERLAND! The tension built to a startling crescendo as we learned Katie’s favorite porn star, there was a standing ovation for Hoop Dreams, and Neil tried desperately to think of a question. Then they did one minute of improv.

Then Wonderland took the stage!

They selected the challenge of Artsy: Your set is a 20 minute version of the game Cocktail Party! This cocktail party started off with the declaration that everyone wanted to dance/feel the heat with Nancy Kerrigan. Then host of the cocktail party, Dolores, explained the rules of her party to everyone’s chagrin. And just like that we flashed back to a murder mystery party that featured a woman making out with the corpse and a murder that was never solved! We returned to the present just in time to learn about how cheese gives one of the members of the party severe diarrhea. This turned into a brand new mystery about how to find the bathroom that was also never solved! Then of course we had Barfimule (real name) sing into his own reflection in the mirror.

It was a very close vote but once the dust settled Wonderland emerged triumphant! They will return next week to take on a brand new challenger in the one, the only, Inspirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaddddddooooooo!!!!!!!


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