Wonderland Triumphs over Evil


It was good versus evil last night at Inspirado and once again Good came out on top!


First we met the new Dale North memorial trophy The Cool Guy! We learned his back story of at one time being a small demon who terrorized Chicago. He was then frozen into a living statue who can think and feel but not move or touch. He will spend his eternal nightmare watching the incredible improv skills that will be performed at Inspirado!


The competition began with trash talk! Nick Kanellis (Possessed by the devil Branson Reese) stated how much he hated Tom Dunlap, the audience, and the world. Dunlap fired back by asking if there was anything bad he could say about Nick Kanellis that hadn’t already been said by Peter McNerney during Trike. He added that perhaps Trike should be renamed “The logic of Nick Kanellis trying hard.”


Then the competition was on! The Possession started off by choosing the Physical Challenge of Fight: Each scene in your set starts in the middle of a fight. To begin Kanellis (The Devil (Branson)) chose an audience member (Brie) to be his scene partner. We saw them try to figure out what the opposite of praying is, how to call the police, and the difficulty of dating an actor. A gladiator tried to convince the people of Rome that the lion he was about to fight deserved to love despite the fact that she continually scratched him until he died. A duck made several appearances until it built to the climax of Nick (the devil (Branson)) discovered that he wasn’t as strong as his mother.


Then Wonderland took the stage! They chose the Nerdy Challenge of Super Smash Brothers: Every character in your show is a character from an actual video game! They began by singing about how much they all enjoyed their 2D world. But as the night went on the 2D characters were thrust into the world of 3D! They met characters from call of duty who of course tea-bagged and threatened to fuck their moms. The duck hunt Hunter and his duck sang a duet about moving to Metroid town and we discovered Kirby was Yoshis long lost father! We ended with seeing a World of Warcraft guild meeting that began with sexy dances and ended with an I’ll fated police raid.


When all was said and done Wonderland triumphed over the evil of the Possession and they will return next week and take on indie team Gnome Necessary! And you’ll see it all at INSPIIRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!



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