January 22nd Recap: Wonderland Wins week 3


Wozers, wowee, and good gosh golly. We had a heckfire of a show last night. And Wonderland once again came out on top.

The night began with trash talk. It seemed like it would be normal enough as Kevin Danenberg attacked the fictional world of Wonderland. Claiming that the caterpillar and that the invisible nature of the Cheshire Cat would make litter box placement a nightmare. Tom Dunlap attempted to retort with a scathing review of the short lived TV series “David the Gnome.”  However he was frequently derailed by interjections from Rick Andrews that, let’s face it folks, he was kind of asking for. He managed to squeak out a few hits on the Gnomes, but it wasn’t enough for Michael Lutton who was begging for the trash talk to go on and on.

Then it was improv time. Gnome Necessary asked for the Physical Challenge and they got Frankenstien: Each character in your set is made of at least two improvisors. Their set was a wacky ride through siamese twin town. We saw several failed experiments from Dr. Franz and his assistant, including a medically inaccurate human centipede. They also made an atom with the standard one electron and five neutrons. Gnome Necessary also taught us many lessons like what to do when conjoined twins win prom queen, how all of the american characters on The Wire were played by Brits, and what would happen in a fight between Shiva and Ganesh.

Then it was time for Wonderland to storm the stage. They got the Stylistic challenge of Hu-mons: Your set is a show about humans put on by robots. The night started with Robots tackling humans greatest weakness; the girl fight. Although they occasionally struggled to find standard human responses they did address some of the silliness of being human. It made a lot of sense to me that the Robots thought it foolish to wash yourself with water or how hard it is to feel feelings. The human characters the Robots were playing constantly pointed out how helpful machines were in their everyday lives and eventually begged those machines to come to life and enslave them. After the zaneyness of a downloaded opera simulator the Robots came to the conclusion that human girls shouldn’t fight  other human girls.

It was a thrilling match but Wonderland marches on to yet another week in INNNNSSSSSPPPPIIIIRRRRAAAAADDDDOOOOO!!!!!


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