January 29th recap: Wonderland Marches on!



Hey hep cats and cool kittens. Last night Inspirado sure was a barn burner and the team that burnt that barn was once again musical Megawatt sensation Wonderland!

The night started off as usual with some fierce trash talk. Katie Mordhorst of Hot Ass Bitches kicked things off by accusing Tom Dunlap of never washing his “T” Shirt. And of putting said “T” on the shirt himself with “T”ape. Dunlap fired back with the unusual strategy of pointing out how he wanted to give women equal opportunity to get trash talked. While that didn’t win him any friends in the crowd, nor his odd Tourettes reference, the night began just the same!!!

Hot Ass Bitches was first and choose the Stylistic challenge of  !- Your set is a Japanese Game Show. And what a show it was! This game show had everything! We saw a woman get knives thrown at her head, several different hosts none of whom seemed to want to host the show, and of course some very strange piano playing. We learned about a relationship between an aunt and niece that was rife with tension. The aunt, who was the member of a tour until she got separated and became a contestant, was shocked when her niece revealed she secretly hated her. Things were heating up as one contestant got hit with a knife but didn’t seem to mind. Although the mic fell apart and there was a chair fight, at the end of the day they all agreed that as long as you had a family and a warm bed everything was okay.

Then Wonderland stormed the stage! They selected the Physical Challenge of Hot Lava-During your set the floor of the Magnet stage is Hot Lava. And the show was hot indeed!!! One by one the members of Wonderland succumbed to the molten floor that only they could see. Each member got a brief song before dying although some got full solos. Tom Dunlap did a song that seemed to be a musical version of his actual stand up before burning up and joining the molten mound of musical mavens. Alex sang about what a shame it was he was gay considering how many women thought he was attractive before he two burned alive in the wet heat of magma. Then the final two sang about how they wish they were sister’s, before themselves joining the solid rock of improvisers in the middle of the Magnet stage. When all were dead Wonderland went to heaven where Tom was finally able to stop doing stand up.

After all was said and done Wonderland triumphed again! But how long will there March continue? Can they comeback next week and face Megawatt behemoth Titan? Find out next Thursday at 11pm at the one, the only, INNNNNSSSSSSPPPPPPPIIIIIIIRRRRRRAAAAAAADDDDDOOOOO!!!!!!!


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