February 5th Re-cap: Titan goes home, Wonderland gets the photo!


Ladies and gentlemen, INSPIRADO is venturing deeper into the rabbit hole because WONDERLAND WINS AGAIN.

Last night Musical Megawatt’s Wonderland went head-to-head with Megawatt’s Titan in THE CLASH OF THE MEGAWATTS.

The evening began with some ice cold trash talk between Titan’s Devin who stuck it to Wonderland in their own language—the language of song—and Wonderland’s Thomas who claimed to have no shade to throw before delivering a scathing review of Devin’s song.

Titan mounted the stage to select their challenge and select their challenge they did. They opted for Dumb and their challenge was as follows: Go Home! – Every three minutes of your show, one member of your cast needs to actually leave the theater and go home. Say whhaaaaaaaaat!!!!

From minute one the Titans clamored for the honor of fulfilling their challenge claiming fast-acting diseases and suicidal desires until heartless hospital administrator Devin fired a brain tumor-riddled Michael who collected his belongings and left to await his severance package at home. From there the players were dispatched posthaste: movie-goer Devin left to await her true love in the cinema, Lauren abandoned her woeful ex and her cartoonish new love at a Fuddruckers, psychologist Greg died of a freak lung cancer attack, DeMuth fluttered out of the building as the ghost of running back Eddie George, and a fed up Dede deserted her soon-to-be-fiancé mid-hour-long proposal. At blackout only Luke remained.

For the second set our returning champions selected Random and received the challenge: Group Photo – Your entire set is a group of people trying and failing to take a group photo. What a disaster!!!!

The perpetually unsuccessful family picture was delayed time and again due to a missing tripod, a misplaced lens, costume changes, uncooperative subjects, a pizza break, and a spectacularly seductive chair dance number. Only when threatened with firearms did the group almost pull off the mock 1800s family portrait. Almost. The photo was a loss, but the challenge was a win!

Wonderland will be back as our return champions next week where they’ll face Pepita in what’s sure to be an unforgettable battle of song versus accent. Who will win?? Find out next Thursday at 11pm at the Magnet Theater. $10 gets you the whole seat, BUT YOU’LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE.


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