INSPIRADO 2/12 Recap: Pepita Defeats Wonderland


Did you feel it? Last night. Around oh 12:15am. A rumble. A slight vibration. A tremor in the earth. It was the collapse of a mammoth, the fall of a giant. For Last night Pepita defeated Wonderland in their 6th week of Inspirado.

The night started off normal enough with trash talk of the usual sort. Pepita started things off by listing one fact she knew about each member of Wonderland. This list included how she wanted to be a duo with Alex, her sadness about Tom Dunlap’s butt disease, and giving her congratulations to Frank Spitznagel for finally completing his transition to a man. Then she told him to go to hell. Tom Dunlap took an interesting strategy, talking mostly about someone who was not there, Elena Fishbein. Saying that this mysterious woman would often mutter to herself. This devolved into some crosstalk between Pepita and Dunlap that set the scene for a vicious fight.

Pepita started off the night by choosing the Nerdy Challenge of A Look Inside: Your set tonight is a tour of the human body. Pepita’s tour began the way all tours of the human body do; With the Vagina! And what a vagina it was! Using a vagina canoe and and a jack, she pried that pussy open and canoed on through. After a brief exchange with an egg she headed off to the liver, which she gave a good congratulations to and then was on her way. She climbed up the ribs and was about to slide down the spine when Pepita gave us a little hint into her process. She said she was thinking of making the woman’s body who she was in paralyzed but was worried that John Bander would call her out for inconsistencies in her set and would then show her his balls. And the last thing she wanted was to give John Bander his moment in the sun. Her set ended in the feet where she gave a haunting lesson on the dangers of plantar fasciitis.

Then it was Wonderland’s turn. The chose the Indianapolis Challenge of Coach!: Indianapolis is filled with Sports teams, therefore filled with Coaches, tonight your set is an improv rehearsal where one team member is coaching the others. It began with them questioning why they hired this particular coach who seemed to have not been on a team in a while and was a little self centered. The coach appeared to only be able to reminisce about his days on the Musical Megawatt team BEEEEEES! After an interruption from a hopeful future McDonalds commercial actor who seemed to have gotten lost in Simple Studios, the team took the rehearsal into their own hands and tied up their coach! After that they proceeded to do some warms up scenes that unfortunately did not have enough commitment for the person who had taken on the coaching mantle Tom Dunlap! After some stabbing of their original coach, the power really went to Tom’s head as he began whipping his remaining teammates! Then things ended with two members of the team singing a song about forming their own duo.

Then the audience voted.

And in one of the closest votes in Inspirado history, a vote so close it had to be recounted, Pepita defeated Wonderland and left them just 3 weeks short of the Oh Shit Challenge. Inspirado would like to congratulate Wonderland on an amazing entertaining run and I’m sure we will see them again to taken another shot at the coveted Oh Shit.

But INSPIRADO MARCHES ON!!! Now Pepita has taken up the mantle and she will try her luck Next Week against Indi-Team Rococo Puffs! Don’t muss a minute, don’t miss a second, don’t miss INSPIRADO next week 11pm only at the Magnet Theater.


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