2/19 Recap: Pepita Deafeats Rococo Puffs


Whooooo doggy did we have a heckfire of an Inspirado last night!


For the first time ever all three hosts were there and the audience really really cared about it.


Things started off in trash talk where Don of the challenging team Rococo Puffs took an interesting approach by trying to give Pepita the peace offering of a coke and a love ring. Pepita was EXTREMELY suspicious and while she did take the offered offerings she did it with a sprig of suspicion in her eye.


Then it was provin’ time!


Rococo Puffs went first and selected the Nerdy Challenge of Farscape! You can only have a maximum of one human in each scene, all others must be robots, cyborgs, aliens, non-human animals, etc. Their set began with a human consulting her robot on which of two warring hamsters to buy. Then things really took off, we saw a young girl trying to befriend a grandma eating robot, two penguins discussing how frustrating it was that the males have to carry the eggs, and a girl discussing the pros and cons of having an imaginary friend with her imaginary friend. There set also featured our alien conquerors discussing how annoying it was that the humanoid forms they took featured such painful butts. And a poor Robot who couldn’t find love or good oil for her bolts. And their set wrapped up with an orangutan trying to hit on a human woman.


Then Pepita took the stage!


She chose the Random challenge of Take a Chance on Me: Your set is entirely comprised of formally married couples who are now divorced. And Pepita (being by herself) decided it was best to accomplish this by pulling random members of the audience on stage with her to be her respective former lovers. First we saw a couple comprised of Pepita and audience member Timo. Pepita disliked how he was now dating a psychologist but refused to see a psychologist while they were married. Then she was on to her next former beau Gary! Gary, played by audience member Tim, had decided to use the key he still had to Pepita’s house to go over and watch Netflix because he had forgotten the password. Pepita lamented over how if he had been able to remember passwords during their marriage they would still be wed. After a visit to a soccer game where she declared everyone wanted a loud dad with audience member Paul as her wife, something extremely dramatic happened! The stage was stormed by Pepitas actual former husband Pepito! The set ended with the two of them still quarreling over who came up with the idea for Pepita!


When the dust settled and the votes were tallied Peputa came out on top and will return next week to take on challenging Indi team Humphrey! Who will win? Will Pepito return?!? Find out next week only at IIIIIIINNNNNNSSSSSSPPPPPPIIIIIIRRRRRRAAAAADDDDOOOOO!!!


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