Inspirado 3/5 Recap: Pepita defeats 1 Deep


Last night was a historic night at Inspirado. We had our first EVER one on one Inspirado battle! And it was a dooser for the ages!!

Trash talk was surprisingly cordial. Shacottha Fields declined to do any trash talk at all. Meanwhile Pepita only shared that she was seriously considering changing her improv name to 1 Pepita so it would show up earlier in alphabetical improv team listings.

Then it was provy prov prov time.

1 Deep chose the Physical Challenge of Mortallity: One character must die by the end of every scene. And woah nelly were there some deaths! We saw shootings, electrocutions, and of course a teacher with high blood pressure’s head popping off when students wouldn’t be quiet. There was a mother and daughter who existed just long enough for us to care about them before they were plowed into by a truck. A woman ignored the warnings of a contractor and was summarily eaten by her household furniture. Her set ended with a woman perplexed by weather or not she was gonna text her ex who was eaten by vampires.

Then Pepita took the stage.

She chose the Indianapolis Challenge of Gary, Indiana: Michael Jackson is from Gary Indiana, every scene in your show must be clearly inspired by a different Michael Jackson song. Her set took place at the famed Globe Theater during a production of Othello. There were discussions on how the actor playing Othello was black not white, how a man was not cheating on his wife (that Billie Jean was not his girl), and a bread salesmen accused a woman’s husband of being a Smooth Criminal asking if she was okay (her name was Annie). Christopher Marlowe told everyone who didn’t think he was a good playwright to beat it. Then when the actor playing Desdemona had too much pubis to perform they had to pull an audience member out of the crowd and teach her the part! (It was as easy as ABC 123). Although Pepita had to occasionally ask the audience for more songs, it all worked out.

When the dust settled Pepita won in a squeeker and she will return next week to take on Megawatt Mavens The Wrath!! Only at 11pm only at the Magnet Theater only at IIIIINNNNNNNSSSSSSPPPPPPIIIIIIRRRRRRAAAAADDDDOOOOOO!!!


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