IMG_3835An epic night of epic Inspirado!  The trash talk was long and unforgettable, with The Wrath‘s Ross Taylor breaking down and beseeching the Inspirado gods to let him go the distance in his 11th Inspirado run.  Pepita created names for each member of the Wrath‘s potential 1 person shows.  E.g.: Mike Dwyer’s “Tucked In: A Shirt Tale”.

The sets matched the talk as The Wrath went first and chose Stylistic and received Director’s Commentary: One member of your team must provide director’s commentary for each sceneThe Wrath wove an epic tale of woodpeckers, escapes on skates, and cops who didn’t understand numbers above 20, all while accompanied by rye and observant commentary, letting us know which lines were “improvised” and which takes should have been cut from the film.  Even auteur Woody Allen joined to show us his favorite scene from the film.

Pepita then took the stage and she selected Artsy and received Ballet: Your show is a ballet.  A simple but difficult challenge, Pepita rose to the occasion, performing an epic dance version of Cinderella + many many many extra horses.  There were sweeping dances, carriage dances, and a cameo by the couple form Pulp Fiction.  Cinderella was united with the prince, only for both to be murdered by a horse with a gun, who proceeded to dance on their corpses.

When the votes were said and tallied, Pepita took a close Inspirado match for her 5th straight victory.  Next week she’ll face another stylized team: A Group of Dad’s at A Bar in what is sure to be an Inspirado for the ages Inspiradoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


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