OH GOSH! OH MAN! OH CRAP! OH SHIT! What a night it was, DRAMA! INTRIGUE! POOP! DOGS! Some crazy crap went down on 4/16 at the Magnet theater and man o’ howdy if you weren’t there buckle up your seat belts and I’ll spin ya’ll a yarn.

The night started off with the return of host Willy Appelman who came back merely to witness the crowning of a champion. Then trash talk began.

Pat May of Metal Boy began by apologizing to the crowd for having had to watch Hello Lazer in order to be in the audience for Oh Shit! Then it quickly became clear that he didn’t really understand the show as he claimed Metal Boy was going to win Oh Shit. Pepita brought out the big guns and went through each member of Metal Boy and saying what to look for them doing in the show she said:

To Look out for Pat May’s “shaking water off his hands dance”

That Suli claimed to be the only one with low self esteem

That Sam (while still being very handsome) looked like a giant baby

That Carly enters every scene like a shy girl.

That Chrissie laughs through every scene.

That no one would know who Nolan was because he never steps out.

That inversely Matt Shafeek can’t stay out of scenes.

And that Eli makes all Jews look sad.

Then the improv began!

Metal Boy started things off by choosing the dumb challenge of Star Wars Telephone: Every scene in your show is someone describing the new Star Wars trailer. And oh Boy was there some descriptions of the Star Wars trailer. We began with two friends discussing the highlights of the trailer; the opening pan, the mellophone music, chewey, the Millennium Falcon, all that good stuff. After a hilarious Jalapeno poppers walk on, we jumped to the high pressure world of grave bomb disposal! The grave robbers were constantly distracted by the ups and downs of the Star Wars trailer. Through out the night we saw the classic tropes of Metal Boy,  poop, panning, blindness, Matt Shafeek entering too much, and more! John Williams made several appearances and the night ended with him not being able to remember exactly which movie Star Wars was.

Then Pepita Selected Oh Shit!

Her challenge was called Dog: During your set tonight you have to find a home for this real life dog! Then we met Rango (called Ringo during the show) who was a ten year old Dachshund mix. The rest of the night was a parade of potential suitors for Ringo, but Pepita was fickle. She immediately undertook the massive responsibility of finding a proper home sweet little Rango. First we met Vera, who liked Rango but wanted a big dog. Then Jenny, who was immediately eliminated due to her youngness. Emotion was high as Rango did not really get comfortable on stage before he was allowed to walk freely around the Magnet and even walked back stage to sign the back wall. The night soon devolved to a group of people sitting in the Magnet watching a dog walk around a room filled with the tension of him potentially not getting adopted. Pepita kept finding reasons to deny suitors; they were either too young, lived in an apt. that didn’t allow dogs, would get frozen yogurt and allow the dog to get eaten by a predator, or were pat may. Then…with only a few minutes left…A young boy and his mother stood up. They lived in Connecticut, already have a dog, and come from loving family. Though it was a tense night, Rango found a loving home to live out his years and we raised a lot of money for an excellent dog shelter.

Next Week Metal boy will return to take on the Oakwood boys. And if you would like to see it go to the Magnet next Thrusday at 11pm.

If you are interested in donating to the Shelter we got Rango from or adopting an animal check out their website. They are an excellent shelter who supported the show spectacularly.



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