Inspirado 4/23 Recap: Metal Boy hits A Group of Dad’s in the Balls



A new era of Inspirado began last night. Ali Fisher hosted by herself, Brain teched in the booth for the first time, and the brand new Inspirado trophy, THE MYSTERY BOX, was revealed. What is in the mystery box? We may never know…

The night started as it always does, with some trash talk. Pat May of Metal Boy began the evening by doing some math. He added up the number of members of Group of Dads at a Bar who had been on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, which was two. And he added up the members of the group who couldn’t pay their rent this month, which was all four. Jon Bander (in character as a dad at a bar) fired back by stating that he simply did not understand what a Metal Boy was, he also hit the Inspirado sign (which is going through a transitional phase) pretty hard.

Then, after Pat tried to prematurely select a challenge, Group of Dads at a Bar took the stage and the improv began!

GODAAB selected Random which was the extremely complicated challenge of You Pick Two: Select numbers between 1 and 8, these number correspond to the Challenges on the Inspirado board, your challenge is a combination of these two challenges. And so GODAAB had to combine the Physical challenge of Your entire set is a five minute improv scene performed in slow motion and the Individual challenge of Your set is each character telling the other characters about their dream. Boy howdy is that a mouthful! Anywho, GODAAB then did a set which took place at a bar, mostly involved each character talking about there dreams, and according to Bander’s character, only spanned five minutes of actual time. There were occasional bits in slow motion but those were blamed on each character having just had a stroke. The dreams of these characters were all vivid and unique. One man dreamed of exactly what was happening at the moment, of him and his friends sitting at a bar talking about dreams. Another man dreamed of riding around on a lawnmower like a cartoon villain. Which prompted a discussion of weather or not Dick Dastardly’s canine companion Mutley could talk or not. He could definitely laugh but could he talk? Is talking the same as laughing?

GODAAB’s set continued as they drifted from dreams to talking about how movies now a days were only a dollar but a coke was 5$. Then the dads slowly realized that Justin’s dream was no dream at all but rather a nightmare. It mostly focused on how he had agreed to take over his Father-in-law’s business but then mucked it up. He was still tormented by old Mr. Mooney screaming at him for mucking it up. Their set ended with a discussion about how the name Todd had been sullied by Todd Bridges’ coke addiction and how there were no more famous Kevins.

Then Metal Boy took the stage. They selected the stylistic challenge of The Funny things you do: Your set tonight is an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos. It started, as all AFV episodes do, with a fantastic rendition of the AFV theme song, sung by the most handsome member of Metal Boy. Then, current AFV host Tom Bergeron, took the stage to the audience’s chagrin. Immediately people walked out as they realized that Tom Bergeron was not Bob Saget. People even called into the show to complain about the lack of sweet Saget. Then Tom started showing some videos. Most episodes of AFV feature lovely vignette’s of things going slightly awry in everyday life, Metal Boy’s interpretation of this was a series of videos in which people get arrested for trying to get a baby to suck a dick, trying to steal a baby, helping a dog to buy groceries at a store, and allowing an orangutan to enter basic training in the army. Even a cat trying to open a bank account ended with the classic AFV twist of someone getting nailed in the balls. Back in the studio, the producers were constantly berating Tom for not being Saget, even the friend of the girl that Tom loved, and was trying to communicate with through the magic of broadcast television, thought he was star of Major League Tom Berenger. We saw an anvil fall on someone’s head, an orangutan jerk off on someone’s face, and an audience member with no pants, all in all it was a pretty standard Metal Boy set. It of course ended with a young boy trying to blow out his candles only to have his face burned off.

After the votes were counted Metal Boy emerged the victors. They will return next week to take on Hip Hop Improv group Robopop! Will they finally open the mystery box? Almost certainly not, but maybe…no it won’t happen. BUT COME NEXT WEEK 11pm! Magnet Theater! IIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSSPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


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