A victorious J.V., after a sold out Inspirado!

It was a hot night at Inspirado.  BEES! + JV = An Audience Hungry For Funny.  Michael Lutton, BEES! team captain, threw down unspeakable trash talk (so unspeakable, I won’t speak of it here). In their sixth week on the Inspirado stage, BEES! decided to go second…bring on Junior Varsity!

Junior Varsity, the first team to ever win an Inspirado match, chose a Nerdy challenge and received  Comic Book; they needed to improvise a comic book.  We were given a comic book, panel by panel, complete with editors notes and ads.  The comic was about a very special super hero known as Bat Vigilante.  The evil Librarians (there were two to be clear), were terrorizing Gotham City.  Bat Vigilante, who later became Batman, lost his suit at the dry cleaners and had to stalk people who he thought stole he suit.  Eventually, he got around to stopping the bad guys, who finally broke the law, and justice was restored in Gotham.  Batman though, was left wearing a large barrel with straps.  Well done Batman, well done.

BEES! took the stage next and chose a Random challenge and received Sketch Show.  They were given a set list and needed to perform a sketch show.  We saw sketches such as “Sharpie Sex”, “Gay Rhino” and “Butt Hootenanny ” #1, #2, #3 and finally #4.  All of these sketches had wonderful musical accompaniment, especially “Butt Hootenanny #4”, where the pianist actually took part in the Butt Hootenanny.  It was a hilarious sketch show that must have taken lots of hard, labor intensive rehearsal.

There was a drum roll and finally, JUNIOR VARSITY was declared the winner.  It was a wonderful run by the amazingly talented BEES!  Junior Varsity posed by the Dale North Memorial Chatchkies, the first team to ever win an Inspirado match, was champions once again.  Will next week be as hopeful for the Inspirado legends?  Choral Rage will be making their debut on the Inspirado stage!  What will happen!?  Who will win?  You decide…Thursday 11PM…INNNSPPPIRRADDOOO!!!!!!


March 8th PREVIEW: Junior Varsity is back…

Old School Junior Varsity

A locker room brawl.  Too soft.  A gang war.  Too easy.  An all out battle to the death!  Bingo.  Junior Varsity, the first team to ever win an Inspirado match, is back.  And they mean business.  The powerhouse Thursday Night Out team has been off the Inspirado stage for too long, and now that they have a shot at the Dale North Memorial Chatchkies, they don’t intend to waste it.  Junior Varsity is Megan Gray, Kevin Cragg, Jarrett Berenstein, Sean Taylor, Shawn Wickens and Jamie Rivera.

In their 6th week on the Inspirado stage, will BEES! be able to stop the immortal J.V.?  Or will it be BEES! who conquers the legendary Junior Varsity?!  There is only one way to find out- this Thursday, 11pm, don’t be afraid….INNNSPPPIIIRRADDDOOOO!

March 1st Recap: In 5th Week- BEEES! Wins!

The Internet Is A Rough Place

It was a musical night on the Inspirado stage!  The Megawatt allstars, Grappler, took the stage with a little surprise, they had Frank Spitznagel the pianist!  The Megawatt stars, decided to do a musical set!  How did BEES!, the musical megawatt team respond?  Read on…

Grappler was up first and they chose a Style challenge and received Commercial Break.  Their show had to be nothing but commercials.  Since they had an piano player, they had music for all of their commercials.  There were Viagra commercials, U.S. Army commercials and All State commercials .  There were also some obscure ones, commercials for Morphine, WWII and for the 6:30 show at The Magnet Theater this Sunday called The Chosen Ones.  In the end, it was very informational and left the audience wanting to ‘buy! buy! buy!’ something.

BEES! was up next and they chose a Nerdy challenge and received Message Board.  They had to perform a show that took place on an internet message board.  They did a great job at identifying message board archtypes- the nudist, the teenager, the feminist, the creeper and the bro.  There were songs about webcams, showing your breasts, “internet” saving someone’s life and finally about a grandma showing her tits.  It was an eventful set and one that we’ve all lived at somepoint in our lives…(I’m talking to you loverboy69).

After the second closest Inspirado match in history, BEES! took the prize!  They posed ever to gracefully near the Dale North Memorial Chatchkies and smiled.  Will they be smiling next week?   Junior Varsity, the first team to ever win an Inspirado match will be coming to the stage.  Will they be able to defeat the 5 time winning champions?  Or will J.V.  just become another notch in their belt?  Find out next week at 11pm only at INNPPIIRADDDOOOO!!!!!!!

Feb. 16th RECAP: BEES! Embraces Beethoven For Win!

It's BEES! Again!

It was a classic night on the Inspirado stage.  The Surge took the stage and came ready with trash talk!  “I hear the life-time of the average Bee is 3 weeks!”  Each slam would get an uproar from the crowd.  BEES! team captain Michael Lutton stared down The Surge, and the games were on!

The Surge went first and chose a Physical challenge and received Tough Cop.  Each scene had to have a 55 year old unapologetic cop named Detective Murphy.  Slap!  Slam!  Boom!  MURPHY is here!  Murphy changed form over the set, but every time he had the same grizzled voice. One Murphy enjoyed paying for sex, one was a celebrity Murphy, one was a pants-less robot Murphy, we were even given a Murphy family gathering.  In the end, a meeting with all of the Murphy’s was in order,  and no one apologized for a “god damn thing”!

In their third week on the Inspirado stage, BEES! was up next!  They chose the Dumb challenge and received Beethoven.  They had to do a musical set in which all of their characters were deaf.  The opening number was loud and chaotic, no one was listening because no one could.  Their was a sign language scene, a three way “write-off” and a very confrontational discussion with a diary.  By the end, their was a language that was established on the stage and whatever it was, the audience understood it perfectly.

BEES! took the night!  They posed gracefully by The Dale North Memorial Chatchkies and ate cupcakes!  But will next week be as celebratory?  The Friday night powerhouse Whisky Tango Foxtrot will be taking the stage next week, what will happen?  You decide.  11pm.  WTF vs. BEES!  INNSPPPIIRRADDDOOOOOOO!

PREVIEW: On Day of Love, THE SURGE Prepares Deadly Treat For BEES!


The Surge is charged and ready for an INSPIRADO showdown!  The Megawatt house team has no reservations when it comes to Inspirado (they’ve been posting videos of Bee’s getting smashed).  They’re high energy montage and time dashes have prepared them well and now they’re confident that they’re ready to crush their competition!  The Surge is Dan Benjamin, Shawn Calo, Mike Ferreira, Dreagn Foltz, Woody Fu, David Gonyo, Tony Mui and Courtney Wielgus.

Will this high energy house team be able to take down the musical megawatt superstars Bees!?  Or will BEES! sting The Surge?  You decide, thursday 11pm, INNSPIIRADDOO!

Feb. 9th RECAP: W-I-N Spells Another Win For BEES!

BEES! does it again!

It was an educational night on the Inspirado!  Trash talk, spelling bees and Meta challenges, can you ask for anything more?  Mr. Gorsky’s team captain Jon Bander stood head to head with BEES! team captain Michael Lutton.  Said Bander, “Bees are inspired by their queen, to bad Desiree isn’t here.”  Lutton laughed off the trash and chose to go second.  Tension ensued!

Mr. Gorsky chose a Random challenge and received Meta, they had to perform the 21 minutes previous to their set.  We immediately saw Bander, Lauren and Carston sitting in the Magnet lobby, waiting.  Lauren was reading the Hunger Games and Bander and Carston were trying to warm up.  Their attempt to get warm was constantly thwarted by the house manager, “Shhh! There is a show going on!”  There was alone time, which turned into a creepy song and dance, which was followed by some BEES! trash talk, “I might just steal their team photo and pull it out of my pants during the set,” said Carston.  In the end, it would be a very heady, very truthful and very crazy Mr. Gorsky set.

BEES! took the stage next and chose a Stylistic challenge and received Spelling Bee- their show, was a spelling bee.  This was a spelling bee love story.  Two challengers, who had nothing but love and cold soares (herpes).  What followed was an over bearing father who didn’t want his daughter to lose.  “I don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t spell WIN”.   Their was a KFC/HRP (herpes) love melody that the house went wild for.  In the end, love would triumph competition and together they would share their spelling bee success and their unique strand of herpes.

BEES! was once again declared champions!  They crouched around The Dale North Memorial Chotchkies, and breathed a sigh of relief.  They won’t have to defeat another challenger until next thursday, when The Surge will take the stage!  Will the fresh megawatt team take a hearty swing at the veteran musical megawatt team?  Or will BEES! attack The Surge just as they have their other competition?  You decide.  Next thrusday at 11pm! Only at INNSPPPIRRADDOOO!!



Happy Groundhogs Day!  It was a repetitive night on the Inspirado stage, and Mr. Michael Lutton was stuck in the middle of it.  The show started with BEES! team captain, Michael Lutton, coming to the stage.  He was greated by Leviathan’s team captain, Michael Lutton.  The two faced off in what would be known as “the most entertaining trash talk with a comb mustache” to date.  Lutton ripped into Lutton, only to have Lutton apologize to Lutton.  Let the Groundhog’s Day Inspirado begin!

The musical sensation, BEES! took the stage first and chose a Physical Challenge; they received “I’ma make you sweat”. By the end of their set, everyone on stage had to be visibly sweating (including the pianist).  They started at Derrick’s Boot Camp.  Derrick was an ex-marine who had many “ex-marine” flashbacks.  “The best cure for depression is physical activity”, he yelled over and over.  Some people were at his boot camp because they got a groupon, others were there to get back at their abusive husbands, others were there to show off their banana hammocks.  Regardless of why they were there, they never stopped moving, everyone was jogging, even the piano player.  The piece ended with an epic song  from our exhausted pianist (he was giving piggybacks for 5 min. straight).  You can find love anywhere ladies and gentleman, even at an ex-marine’s bootcamp.

In their third week on the Inspirado stage, Leviathan took the stage and chose a Dumb Challenge.  They received “Groundhogs Day”; their challenge was to repeat BEES! set, word for word.  Everyone in the audience immediately gasped. Beat.  Leviathan began jogging in place and screaming “Gym! Gym!”.  Then we were taken to “Derrick’s Bootcamp”.  Hilarity ensued.  Their set was full of banana hammock jokes, boob bumps, and piano player piggybacks.  After they did BEES! entire set in 10 minutes, they did it again…but faster.  Organized chaos filled the stage and the audience loved every minute of it.  After their second go at BEES! set, they did it again, even faster.  Finally their Groundhogs Day challenge ended, with a very exhausted and sweaty Leviathan.

It all came down to this.  Who would win?  Lutton or Lutton?  After the drumroll… Lutton’s BEES! would hold the Dale North Memorial Chotckie high in the air!  It was a repetive, but satisfying night.  Next week, Mr. Gorsky will take the stage to challenge the new Inspirado champions.  Will BEES! strike again or will Mr. Gorsky take home the prize?  You decide- next week at 11pm at INNNSSPPPIIRRADDDOOO!!!!