PREVIEW: On Day of Love, THE SURGE Prepares Deadly Treat For BEES!


The Surge is charged and ready for an INSPIRADO showdown!  The Megawatt house team has no reservations when it comes to Inspirado (they’ve been posting videos of Bee’s getting smashed).  They’re high energy montage and time dashes have prepared them well and now they’re confident that they’re ready to crush their competition!  The Surge is Dan Benjamin, Shawn Calo, Mike Ferreira, Dreagn Foltz, Woody Fu, David Gonyo, Tony Mui and Courtney Wielgus.

Will this high energy house team be able to take down the musical megawatt superstars Bees!?  Or will BEES! sting The Surge?  You decide, thursday 11pm, INNSPIIRADDOO!


Phooka Readies For (the almost-all-male group) Swartzlander!

Swartzlander, a critically acclaimed improv troupe, will be throwing down harder than ever before this week at Inspirado!  Swartzlander, an almost-all-male improv group, made up of people from the underground New York comedy scene is ready to use their “frisky romantic” “acoustic” “baking, serving and marinating” skills to defeat the recent Inspirado champions PHOOKA.  Swartzlander is Kyle Levenick, Joe Miles, Kat Nunez, and Stephen Sajdak.  Do they have what is takes to win The Dale North Memorial Tchotchkes?  Will Phooka roll over this (almost all-male) group like they have everyone before them?  Find out this Thursday at 11pm at INSPIRADOOOOOOOOO!!!