OH SHIT!!!!!!

Completing their 8th Inspirado challenge last night, and doing what no other team has ever done in Inspirado history, Brick has finally arrived at the OH SHIT! challenge!  The OH SHIT! challenge is the most coveted piece of the Inspirado challenge board, it is the ultimate challenge, and Thursday Sept. 15th, Brick will meet their match.  It wasn’t easy winning their 8th match, in fact Double Date put up a great fight right from the beginning.  Double Date team captain, Ross Taylor, poked fun at Jamaal Sedayo, saying “he couldn’t improv his way out of a bag,” then Brick team captain Julia Hynes poked fun at Double Date saying, “sorry you’re show on NBC got cancelled…”, trashy trash talking, but it inspired some magical improv!

Double Date chose a stylistic challenge and received Disney Princess; they had to do a piece in the style of a Disney princess movie.  What unraveled was a story of two princesses, one was “basically a 6”, and the other, Princess Alexandra, was horribly ugly with blood and puss raining from her face.  The King’s Ball began at 7pm, and the Duke was looking for a princess.  The horribly ugly sister called upon her tree stump helper to assist her in getting ready.  He built her an outfit made of leaves and weeds.  The ball was filled with dancing, elderly dukes and enchantment.  In the end, the stump would turn into a prince, and the unsightly Duke would fall in love with a bird.  The piece was completed with a song and dance, which made the entire audience nostalgic for a “whole new world” for Princess Alexandra and the Tree Stump Prince.

OH SHIT!  Brick came to the Inspirado with an air of confidence.  “There is only one challenge we can choose!”  The random challenge was Brick’s penultimate challenge.  They received Murder Mystery; they needed to complete a murder mystery, they were all given roles (any of them could be the murderer).  The piece opened with Prince Hussein, Miss Violet and Lord Trenton having tea in Trenton Manor, when suddenly Miss Violet died of poison.  Immediately Detective Winston was on the case.  Very quickly, the town drunk Alistair Frock entered, followed by socialite Sigourney Cromwell and film star Finnis Cooper.  Everyone seemed guilty of poisoning Miss Violet, but the tip would come in the study with Prince Hussein and Detective Winston.  The Detective said, “I’ll name books and you say if you’ve read them…War & Peace…How to Poison a Person”, in which Hussein said, yes, I have- oh I thought you said, “How to…be Boys 2 Men.  I have read that many times”.  The climax of the murder mystery would come in the living room, when Detective Winston was making his accusation.  It was unclear who the murderer was, until he tried to escape!  Prince Hussein, Miss Violet’s lover, was captured and brought to prison.  Case closed.  OH SHIT!

It happened.  Brick won.  BRICK.  This means that next week, Thursday September 15th, will be the OH SHIT! challenge.  The last time we talked about the OH SHIT! challenge, Hurricane Irene happened.  In Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Keanu Reeves says, “Oh Shit!”, anticipating the day that Brick would step onto the Inspirado stage and accept this challenge.  Will The Kicks be able to stop Brick during their 9th week?  Is the OH SHIT! challenge legal/ safe/ fire proof (we’re checking with Armando).  THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, AT 11PM, BRICK DOES OH SHIT!.  GET THERE EARLY!  YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS.



DOUBLE DATE plans to dump BRICK!

OH SHIT!  OH SHIT!  Double Date, a long form improv group for voyeurs, sociologists and lonely hearts, plans to leave BRICK down and out this Thursday night.  Double Date is the only team that can stop Brick (the seven time winning INSPIRADO champions) from reaching the infamous OH SHIT! challenge.  Their plan: dump Brick like a bad date with wine teeth, credit card debt and pictures of a Shih-tzu in their wallet.

Can this all star indie team, made up of Ross Taylor, Charlotte Raab, Jason Scott Quinn, Maggie Morris and Emily Shapiro (for only one night), end Brick’s 7 week run!?  There is only one way to find out!  Thursday at 11pm, witness history, INSPIRADOOOOOOOOO!!!!

September 1st Recap: BRICK WINS; Gets One Step Closer To OH SHIT!


The infamous OH SHIT! challenge, (the only challenge, that in the history of Inspirado has never been picked) is one show away from, possibly, seeing its day.  Brick rejoiced last night as they defeated the almighty Simpson, Barker & Jones LLC in what some may call the “milkiest” Inspirado ever.  It all started with the trash talk, Chris Simpson pulled up a Facebook post that his mother left him, calling for him to beat Brick.  Brick team captain, Jamaal Sedayo, countered by saying, “mmmm”…tell her I say hello.   OH SHIT! That was some MOTHER- FUDGIN’ trash talk!

Simpson, Barker & Jones LLC went first and chose a dumb challenge and received Sit, Stand, Breast-feed;  at all times someone needed to be either sitting, standing or breast-feeding.  From this birthed a number of breast oriented scenes- interviews, school meetings, and friendly neighborhood gatherings.  One of the highlights was probably the 7 foot tall breast-feeding 7 year old who got all the (freakish) nutrients he needed from his mothers milk.  Another highlight was the tense trade of the coveted “silver plated nipple” for a lifetime subscription of fishing magazines (pretty great trade).  The rest of the piece was filled in with a breast feeding mongoose, bowls of buffalo milk and the office where “every employee sucks on a tit for an hour a day”.  At the end, there wasn’t a person in the audience who wasn’t craving a glass of milk.

In their 7th week on the Inspirado stage, Brick chose a stylistic challenge and received Call Now!; they had to perform a piece in the style of a telethon fundraiser.  A frustrated produced did his best to direct a celebrity filled show to raise money for aids.  Adam Sandler and Winona Ryder hosted the evening with an ASL assistant who was really a frat guy who was dared to show his ass on TV (he did).  The piece was filled with video montages with poignant messages about aids; “things are really bad when you get aids”, “don’t touch things if they have aids on them” and “block-building is possible when you have aids”.  We were graced by Will Smith, Laurence Fishburne and Jada Pinkett-Smith.  High points of the show were a Will Smith action montage, a Mr. Deeds action montage (topped with an Opera Man impression) and a 2 minute stand up set about 90’s bands, delivered by the ASL assistant.  In the end, it would be Warren Buffet (who pledged $50,000) and Brick who were left standing at the top.

With the seventh week in the bag, one has to wonder, who will stop Brick from their undefeated run on the Inspirado stage?  The only answer is…DOUBLE DATE.  This 4 person indie powerhouse is not only hilarious, but they stand to unseat the 7 time Inspirado champions with ease.  Will the champions be de-throned?  Will Brick continue on to the OH SHIT! challenge?  There is only one way to find out!  Thursday, 11pm at INNNNSSSPPPPIIIIRRADDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!