Nov. 15th RECAP: FEATHERWEIGHT Takes The Night!!

It was an energetic night on the Inspirado stage, one with little trash talk, pushups and holiday cheer.  Wando, the previous Inspirado champions, decided to go first, Featherweight jumped up and took the stage!

Featherweight chose a stylistic challenge and received Cheer.  They needed to do a challenge in the style of a holiday special.  We were given a PBS style holiday special, with a telethon attached to raise money for needy families.  The holiday special was about a poor father and his young legless daughter who were homeless on christmas eve.  Everyone in the town didn’t want anything to do with the poor family, they were destined to freeze to death on christmas eve.  The special was filled with all sorts of red flags for the network, a very detailed human birth, a caucasian chalk circle style fight for the “christmas baby” and offensive Christmas stand up.  Twas a night for all to remember, and be thankful for what we have.

Wando took the stage next and chose a dumb challenge, they received teleprompter and had to perform a monoscene  of a newscast where the teleprompter was broken.  Two newscasters struggled to find their lines during a broadcast.  Panic ensued and their producer Carl, “the most disgusting person in the world”, didn’t help either.  Cheryl, the co-anchor, was so depressed that she said she’d take Carl back if he did 50 push ups, he did, and her world was turned upside down.  Wando painted and filled out the world wonderfully.  Jumping back and forth, changing characters multiple times, it was a newscast that was definitely more informative then the regular news.

FEATHERWEIGHT!  The 0-2 Inspirado team has updated their record to 1-2!  Now they have a bi-week for Thanksgiving and then they’re back to take on Weekend of Regret!  Can Featherweight continue this winning streak?  Or will Weekend of Regret sweep them away?  You decide, Nov. 29th at 11pm!  INSPIRADOOOOO!!!!!!




It’s not everyday you get to see an improv battle of Super proportions.  This Thursday at 11pm, Megawatt Superheros, FEATHERWEIGHT, take on the Inspirado champions WANDO.  Featherweight, known for their patient character work and solid colored shirts will give everything they’ve got to take down Wando.  “This is what we live for”, said Featherweight spokesman Noel Dinneen.

Will Wando have what it takes to take down Featherweight?  Will Featherweight do what they did in the very first Inspirado show of all time, lose?  Or will Featherweight take flight and fly on Justin Moran’s metaphoric Red Bull wings? You decide.  Thursday at 11pm.  INSPIRADOOOOO!!!!!!

January 12th RECAP: O, WHAT THOU DAREST TO DO! FNS Gets One Step Closer to OH SH*T!

Our First Double Sponsored Show!

All the world’s a stage at Inspirado!  The night was filled with The Bard, sponsors and Super Bowl highlights.  The show started off with Featherweight– the first team to ever perform in Inspirado- presenting their new non-corporate sponsor, “Ye Olde Mom  And Pop, The One Stop, Shopping Clocks And Frocks, For Mom and Pops”.  Friday Night Sh*w was sponsored, as usual, by Duane Reade.  FNS decided to go second, so Featherweight and their ( long winded) non-corporate sponsor took the stage!

BOOM! Featherweight chose the Indianapolis challenge (the least picked challenge) and received Super Bowl.  In just a few weeks, the 46th annual Super Bowl will be held in Indianapolis, IN, and two teams will face off.  The challenge was to perform a mono-scene in the locker room of the losing team at half-time.  They were currently down by 56 points.  Immediately, we were given the delusional but hopeful players of the Pennsylvania Bulldogs.   They wouldn’t let the custodian Brian take their “winning” t-shirts and champagne.  BOOM!  The coach was too busy enjoying the U2 half-time show, proclaiming, “you should get out there, they’re great!”.  Their plan was to pull a “Huck Finn” in order to win super bowl rings; “seriously, we’re not going to steal them…we were…but now we want to win them.”  In the end, they threw up a hail marry… and only lost by 49 points- well done Bulldogs. BOOM!

The 5 time Inspirado champions, The Friday Night Sh*w, took the stage next and chose a Stylistic challenge.  Their challenge was called The Bard; they had to perform an early lost work from William Shakespeare.  We were given the story of an unruly king, who loves to kill messengers.  The king was married to a brute Queen, who loved to speak in sexual verse.  In his kingdom, lived a wench and a popper who were madly in love, “oh to be the pant that wraps around this leg!”  Eventually, the wench was sent to war  and when the pauper learned of this, he got in her suit of armor and went away with her.  In the end, they both die- as well as the king, and the queen…the only one left standing was the messenger proclaiming, “oh, I should really tell someone about this”.

FNS hath claimed another victory!  Can it be true!  They are now 6 time Inspirado champions…does this mean they will go all the way?  If they complete two more challenges, they will indeed be in line for the infamous Oh Sh*t! challenge.  But they have two more teams to get through first.  Next week, the new Megawatt team Leviathan stands up against the powerhouse FNS.  Will Leviathan knock down the current champions or will Leviathan be run over by a team with more momentum than Mitt Romney.  You be the judge.  Next week at 11pm.  INSPIRADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

PREVIEW: Featherweight- The First Team To Ever Perform In Inspirado- RETURNS!

A Re-Match Is In Order!

Featherweight (more like Heavyweight) is back on the Inspirado stage, and this time they mean business!  Featherweight, the first team ever to perform in Inspirado, plans on running a muck on The Friday Night Sh*w.  Featherweight is Jesse Acini, Noel Dinneen, Elana Fishbein, Blake Merriman and Justin Moran.

Will they be able to defeat the current Inspirado champions?   Or will FNS come one step closer to the OH SHIT! challenge?  It’s going to be a huge show- this Thursdsay at 11pm- INSPPPIRRADDDDOOOOO!!!!!!!

June 9th Stats: JV vs. We’re Matt Weir

Oh SHIT! That was a great show! We’re Matt Weir wore Varsity letter jackets, but in the end JV’s home field advantage proved to make them an audience favorite.  Here is the round up for all you number lovers:

  All Time “How Funny was it?”
Team         Avg.       Challenge
Junior Varsity 4.63   Groundhog Day
Featherweight 4.29   Farts, Farts, Farts
Junior Varsity 4.23   Touch Me
We’re Matt Weir 3.9   RealityTV

All Time “Use of Challenge”
Team         Avg.       Challenge
Junior Varsity 4.71    Groundhog Day
Featherweight 4.5    Farts, Farts, Farts
We’re Matt Weir 4.29    RealityTV
Junior Varsity 4.24    Touch Me

All Time “How good was the show overall?”
Team         Avg.       Challenge
JV 4.46    Groundhog Day
Featherweight 4.29    Farts, Farts, Farts
Junior Varsity 4.1    Touch Me
We’re Matt Weir 4.05    RealityTV


All Time “Total Score”

Team         Avg.       Challenge
Junior Varsity 13.79    Groundhog Day
Featherweight 13.08   Farts, Farts, Farts
Junior Varsity 12.57    Touch Me
We’re Matt Weir 12.24    RealityTV