PREVIEW: Featherweight- The First Team To Ever Perform In Inspirado- RETURNS!

A Re-Match Is In Order!

Featherweight (more like Heavyweight) is back on the Inspirado stage, and this time they mean business!  Featherweight, the first team ever to perform in Inspirado, plans on running a muck on The Friday Night Sh*w.  Featherweight is Jesse Acini, Noel Dinneen, Elana Fishbein, Blake Merriman and Justin Moran.

Will they be able to defeat the current Inspirado champions?   Or will FNS come one step closer to the OH SHIT! challenge?  It’s going to be a huge show- this Thursdsay at 11pm- INSPPPIRRADDDDOOOOO!!!!!!!


January 5th PREVIEW: Honey Returns To Cream The Friday Night Sh*w!

Sweet & Funny!

Ladies and Gentleman, It’s January 2012 – and it’s finally cold outside!  We all want to nuzzle up to a warm fire with a nice cup of tea with a little bit of HONEY!  But not the sweet kind that soothes your throat, no- the hilarious indie kind that will be returning to the Inspirado stage this Thursday night at 11pm.  Honey is made up of David Rynn, Caitlin Stietzer, Woody Fu, Shaun Farrugia and David Adams.  This hysterical group will not only give the current champions (The Friday Night Sh*w) a run for their money, they’ll dissolve into the audiences psyche and stimulate them like a strong cup of Yerba Matte.

Does The Friday Night Sh*w stand a chance?  Can Honey defeat the 4 time Inspirado Champions- or will FNS come one step closer to the infamous Oh Shit! Challenge?  You decide- on the first Inspirado of 2012!  Thursday, January 5th at 11pm! INSSSSPIRADDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!